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The Dark Lord Sith Cyber Warriors of the Legion of Super-Duper Buddies has tracked down the creature known as aaaa (an other variants). His/her IP has been tracked to it's source and the necessary authorities have been notified.

DEXTER-Tested the security systems of the villain's IP, determined it's firewall contents and gave us a location.

666- Identified the facility the violator's computer was at and secured the personal information necessary to do damage.

OXYGEN- Contacted the violator's administrator, as this person was doing this from his/her job and is sure to get a good spanking, and became the main contact point for further action.

If we could stuff his head and put it on a wall, we would.
Nice work :)
Care to inform me of the particular details via private email? thanks
and it was all perfectally legal!!!!! :)

oxygen, oxygen, oxygen..... tisk tisk tisk, you said it wrong, once again, it is
"black night warriors of the sith" god, you can be soo dumb sometimes...

and thanx for the complement dave :)

p.s, oxy, i know of a good taxadermist... gimme a ring and i'll tell you more...

when christianity ruled the world, it was called the dark ages!

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Registering and pulling the same "prove it" crap after being band for it. This last time he started about 4 or 5 topics that would have subjects a long the lines "can you", then when went into the topic it would just say "prove it?". He never would say anything else just pick a random qoute from a post and say prove it. In short being higly disruptive.