Was the majority of the universe created by fusion?


Well they know from spectroscopy that the stars are composed of lighter elements...
Who is "they"?
... and it is assumed that stars start at Hydrogen and fuse their way up to 1-8.
What is 1-8?
Then its a mess pfft as you know to the cause of fusion.
What do you mean? Please explain.
It has to be caused by the collision of the nuclei and it would only make since that the collision of matter would cause a cratering and at least some material to be ejected from the nucleus.
This "nucleus" you speak of - what is it, exactly? How big is it? Where is it? What's your evidence for it?
So essentially its caused by the fast movement which is permitted by the coldness of space far away from the nucleus.
Does space care whether something moves fast or slow? How so? Please explain the relevant physics.
You didn't respond to my answers which pertain to this subject in the thread 'nucleus to the universe?'.
Sorry. What would you like me to respond to, exactly?