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I just had a message rectangle box...about 8x3 with the words all in capital letters in it saying OUT OF RANGE...and my computer froze. Any one ever see this before?
Out of Range

This error message occurs when you set your desktop size, or screen area, past what your monitor is capable. A standard resolution is 1024x768, but any higher and you might run into trouble with your monitor. If you set it too high, the computer will ask to restart, but when it tries to call up that resolution, you will simply get the error "Out of Range."

The simplest way to fix this is to boot into Safe Mode. This is only going to work if you're running Windows 98 or higher. Restart your computer and immediately begin tapping the F8 key, about once every second. Do this until you get to a "Windows ? Startup Menu." From this menu, use your keyboard arrows to select option 3, Safe Mode. Press enter. This is a temporary troubleshooting mode for Windows. Once here, click Start, choose Run, and in the Open box, type "msconfig" but without the quotations.

The System Configuration Utility window appears. Click the Advanced button. Put a check in VGA 604x480x16. Click Ok, Apply, then Ok. Your computer will ask you to restart. Go ahead and do that. You will boot into Windows without that error, but your screen may look larger and have washed out colors. Change them back to your preferences, but be careful this time, not to set it too high for your monitor.

Your computer should restart without problems.
If I remember correctly on booting although Soupir tells you to keep pressing F8, there is a way to hold down one key and it will act like pressing F8 (without coming up with Keyboard error.)

I think it was either "Ctrl" or "Alt" Key. Just hold it down from bootup to get to the Windows Safe mode choice window. (That way you don't have to guess when to press F8)

Thanks for the reply to my question. The blue screen scenerio with the red printing "out of range" has only happened once...on reboot it seemed fine (and has not reappeared). I have not changed my settings so I don't think it is set to the wrong configuration. I am now getting fatal exception errrors and one very wonky looking screen coloured stripes....strange. I still suspect a virus although, I am running norton corporate edition and Zonealarm pro. Have done a virus scan but it is not picking up anything and my definitions are up to date.
Sounds to me a confliction over your video memory.

I have similar troubles because I'm using a system that has an AGP slot, and my video SRAM is basically the same as the memory.

That works fine, but if you have too many IRQ's being steered (and sharing) and too many memory addresses conflicting, then you start getting errors.

I had the video adapter keep dropping out ever third load, and a Windows protection error after that. I found out though it was my memory addresses in confliction... So I had to write down all the memory address ranges and make sure nothing conflicted.

I found I couldn't change the Video adapter memoery addresses unless I did it indirectly through the AGP controller. That now means it doesn't crash so much (although I know one fault was I placed the front of the computer back on and the button was slightly jammed, so it kept rebooting hehe)

Thanks Stryderunknown, I think you may be right!
Plus it beats the heck out of having another trojan in my computer lol
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