VIRUS ALERT:Sorry_about_yesterday_tommorrow_honey

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The above named mail has a dangerous source code as i managed to dump first removes all the virus definitions first and then replicates and grows on the system.not a worm but a virus though,it has TSR part that has a dancing doll virus effect,has a scary bomb message which comes after every 10 secs to change the screen color.

i have just now done a format of hard disk and man that was tough.:mad:

How did you get it.
I understand that by mail, but did you open the attachment or it self extracted, activated.
oh fck, that's some serious stuff!
and I understand your feelings too, smth like tht happened to me not so long ago[unexpected formating] only it wasn't a virus- my power box exploded and HDD fried[lucky for me it was my old one not the new, where all the important stuff was].
It damages your nerves badly.

do you still have tht code;) ?
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