Virtual Wrassilin'

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Hey, anybody else on this board think wrestling is fun?

Well, I know you all secretly do. So go join my virtual wrestling federation!

I promise it will be fun

Quiet Sunday afternoon, not much in the way of posting, sprinkling outside, what the hell: Check out Corp.Hudson's VWF.


It's bad enough that the site is inane, there's even code showing!

Oh well, what should I have expected?

Guess I'll go see what's on TV, it couldn't be any worse.

Umm..maybe you were looking at the wrong page.

There is no "code" showing...

whatever. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it is a dumbass one.
Visible code

The code showed up on the first button. Maybe there is a add-on needed to display properly? Anyway, I logged on but it had some kind of problem with activating the account. It didn't say what the problem was though. Any ideas?

You have to get a "master account" with before you can join individual wrestling leagues.

It should be a relatively simple process, but apparently you guys are all seing something I am not, so...?
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