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I think what sciforums needs a section on RPGs and things like that. Where else are we going to post information about the lastest startrek/starwars games and we could even ask other people if there any good or not. This would really help me out when i go to buy a game related to scifi stuff i could find out whether or not i would buy it. We all know the last few starwars games blowed so what do you guys think should we have a video game section?
I concur.. I think it's a good Idea, Then I get to complain at the difficulty of a game and prove how lame a 24 year old can be, when someone aged 12 can complete it.

"I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you pesky kids." - A Scooby-Doo badguy

Of course if you have a games section it might metamorph into a Cheat sheet, yes loads of hopelessly useless made up cheats that lamers tend to create just to annoy the hell out of you when your trying to get past the last boss.

Of course this itself could be classed as a topic in it's own right "Should you cheat at a game?", you buy the game you should try your hardest without cheating, but as soon as you cheat, you might as well have bought something else, as the game is now stuck on a shelf or put in a drawer to gather dust.


(Thats a bit hypocritical :D Shame on me.)