Uvalde and the American Condition

Set Condition, "Sleep Well"

One moment you're chuckling over the idea that someone mixing up his oranges is somehow funny, and then there comes the reminder:

Another school shooting today that we barely heard about. I kept thinking about my daughter's words in Sept when they had their drills at her school. "Mom, the shooters are usually former students. They already know where we hide."


Anyway, yeah. Sleep well.
The Thing About the American Condition

If, for instance, we Americans are to the point that our demand for suffering is so great that we will arrest people for feeding the hungry↱ ...

... or if, perhaps, our American demand for suffering is so vicious that we will arrest people for speaking on behalf of the poor↱ ...

... perhaps it might seem a stretch, for some, trying to connect that to what happened in Uvalde. But this is the same authoritarian politic, part of the same post-Christian values, and an influential builder of this tragic American condition.


@chadloder. "Grandma arrested for feeding houseless people. Norma Thornton, a 78-year-old grandmother, was arrested and criminally charged in Bullhead City, Arizona for feeding those in need. @IJSanders and the @IJ legal team are suing in federal court to protect her (and our) rights." (thread) Twitter. 25 October 2022. Twitter.com. 26 October 2022. https://bit.ly/3W6xKgf

—————. "MUST WATCH: Noah Petersen (@IcAntifa) was arrested last night at a City Council meeting in Newton, IA while giving public comment. Petersen calmly called for the Mayor and Police Chief to step down and asked for policies to house the poor before being interrupted and handcuffed." Twitter. 25 October. 2022. Twitter.com. 26 October 2022. https://bit.ly/3NcVBao