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Yeah i was wondering how do you change user statuses such as Junior member or Kool member and stuff? Do you have to post a certain number of messages or have a good post a day ratio thing?
Just keep posting. You'll get there. The notations don't really mean much other than quantity of posts.
chris, accually with dave's new and improved html skills, you can now change ur status. just edit profile and you can doo it from there, or you can d the ancient exosci way and wait until you are kool enough. ;)

Oh OK. But that sounds like cheating. LOL.

Thanks guys.
No fair!

This isnt fair you guys! Mine doesnt have the custom user text place, and Lynx confirmed that! :(
You must have >10 posts AND have been a member for >10 days before the custom user text is available.
i see

Ohhhh! OK. I know i have enuff posts but i'll have to wait 6 more days.