Understanding psychological illnesses

i dont think that anyone can fully understand mental illnesses..

I mean think about it... Everyone is different, am I right? So everyone handles things differently. some are extreamly unstable, some are great at hiding things...
So I read this story earlier, and I think it shows a huge misunderstanding some people have with psychological illnesses.


I think it's disgusting but there's obviously some facts missing. Any thoughts?

If the news is true, i.e. she is depressed, being punished for trying not to be depressed, and the picture attached to the news says "The logo of social networking website 'Facebook' is displayed on a computer screen in London" while the story is about Canada, then there are definitely some facts missing.

I think it was William Styron saying, in Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness, that one can understand it only if one lives through it.
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Any thoughts?

Simple. If she has a confirmed diagnosis, sue the snot out of Manulife for failing to pay.

Any competant psychologist/psychiatrist knows that depressed individuals can appear very normal when in the company of others.

Figuring in legal fees, additional psych evaluations, court costs, negative press (which kills future sales) Manulife stands to loose a LOT more by contesting this than by simply paying on the policy.

looks like she will have to go back to work.

I would think going back to work, at least part time, might be an option. She may not be able to perform at her previous level, but some semblance of normalcy is healthy.
i tend to do alittle better around ppl too.. but its also just a front.. but dealing with people, most ppl tend to smile and be polite.. i am at my happiest when i have a job
if only i knew that smiling would mean i no longer suffered from depression, could have saved myself a lot of trouble.