UN resolution 478, is HUGE!

You make a good point, but I think the point is irrelevant. The UN shouldn't be compared to the US precisely because there is no way to enforce people to obey ``laws''.
SO it seems of a quality resolution to just stop funding the country, that defies the law.

meaning; we in a bad recession, and the country we give 3 bil a year too, should not be getting it, if it don't stop doing what the globe has already agreed on, is wrong.

Either way, Israel's refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of UNSC resolutions is about as flagrant as Iran's refusal (on at least two different issues), North Korea's refusal, Syria's refusal (...).
bad comparisons. as 478/476 is 3 decades old, and like the SG, most dont know the reality of it.

i believe it would be easy to stop funding them or even perhaps seizing all israelis assets and businesses, like with Iran for not following the international community.

heck we could pay off the deficit, on the last idea, in a week!

that may be a good idea to share with the India, Russia and China.

ill let ya know
i knew better but here is your education for the day

A diplomatic mission is a group of people from one state or an international inter-governmental organization (such as the United Nations) present in another state to represent the sending state/organization in the receiving state. In practice, a diplomatic mission usually denotes the permanent mission, namely the office of a country's diplomatic representatives in the capital city of another country.


i guess you didn't get the memo to tel aviv
The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, however most presidents since then have suspended it's provision for actually moving the embassy there due to reasons of national security. (i.e. not jeopardizing the peace process)


you got me good there......

as i did not realize how bad it was.

you are correct though............. national security is why the US (we the people) dont open up an embassy, when the rest of the world already said NO. (because it is against the 'majority')

you forgot to add the part from wiki on the subject

Since passage, the law has never been implemented, because of opposition from Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, who view it as a Congressional infringement on the Executive Branch’s constitutional authority over foreign policy; they have consistently claimed the presidential waiver on national security interests

but to read the doc........

(1) Jerusalem should remain an undivided city in which
the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected;


i could live with that........

so no one is better than another

and that would mean, no one EVER can take down the Dome of the Rock

no matter what!


as i finally learned something from all your posts
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You are correct, Israel is not the capital of Israel, Jerusalem is. You may not like it, but it is the truth.

Israel can whine about it all they want but it still won't make Jerusalem the legit capital. Hell just for the sake of a cleaner argument will ignore how stupid it is to have your capital at the border with a people you want to be at war with.
US law recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

No it doesn't. that would be unconstitutional because it wouldn't be treating the montevideo convention as law(the Us constitution regards treaties as federal law). the Us recognizition of Israel and its borders is a violation of US law.
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By policing the world I mean its the US who regularly enjoys crossing borders with military intervention for one reason or another, imposing sanctions and the like. Yes they are policing for their own interests but all superpowers do the same, the US just does it more frequently than anyone else and extends themselves further than necessary, especially these days, but the US is hardly very good at these kinds of interventions they cause more harm than good much of the time. I'm in South East Asia and anyone from this part of the world can tell you of the calamity caused by US intervention.

What part of the world are you in?

Im South African, generally when the US goes into a country its a failed state (by my own personal subjective reasoning) anyways. Its strange you should mention South East Asia. I was just there for several months in Manila (was there when those typhoons hit). My fiance is a Filipino doctor and I went over to spend time with her family and learn her culture.

I can without a doubt say that America is extremely popular there. Half of her family are in America and doctors. There are many obvious historical reasons for the extremely close ties between Washington DC and Manila.

Saying that, I also see how they added to the mess in other parts of SE Asia. Though you should not be pissed off at just America. You can blame Russia as well. Both sides are too chicken to have it out man to man so they come and do it in our back gardens.

Sure, Americans go bonkers a lot but to be honest what are the other options? Im rather prone to America being top of the block than China or Russia.

If you have and free country you really have nothing to fear from countries like America or the EU.
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