UFOs & ghosts, basically same


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I'm convinced UFOs and ETs are demons who are setting us up for the soon to come "one world" order and anti-christ. Of course my belief in the Bible and Revelations is a major factor. If I were an atheist I'm sure I'd have another explanation. That said, it's obvious Hollywood's role in this setup is(with few exceptions) to creat a warm and cuddly image for ETs and ghosts(demons).
You haven't been to see Independence Day or Men in Black or Star Trek - Insurrection or....blah blah blah....yet then, have you?? No warm fuzziness lately, mate!
Fear not, for the bible says all will end well. Revelations merely prepares us for what is coming...so don't act suprised if it is actually unfolding before your eyes. You can't say you weren't warned, huh?!!
As for ghosts and ET's being one and the same. I, personally, disagree. I've seen UFO's and I've seen ghosts...they ain't the same, let me tell you!

Dave, Yeah I realize there have been films made with ET bad guys and those images could very well play into the scenario I'm talking about. As far as UFOs and ghosts being the same, I meant they come from the same source. I don't think we have too long to wait to see if I'm right.
Steveo, How old are you and have you done any "serious" investigations into any scientific disciplines? I don't suppose you believe God is capable of creating a universe full of those capable of giving praise and worship unto "Himself" or "Herself" or "Selflessness"?
I'm 43 and you're condescending. When you come down from your tower of wisdom I'd be glad to debate.
Ghosts and demons are supposed to be spirits aren't they? In the UFO cases that involve landings of the craft there are usually impressions on the grass where the craft landed such as three circles which indicate landing gear of some sort. Also, the plants/grass in the area where the UFO has landed sometimes die. Therefore, UFOs are solid objects of weight which sometimes give off radiation strong enough to kill plants. I've never thought of ghosts or demons as beings who have weight.
I think demons have powers that aren't limited to just the non-material realm. For example, I've heard stories of ghosts that physically interact with people even going so far as to grabbing them. I had an experience in Hawaii once where I was standing in front of a bathroom mirror and behind me I heard a hand(?)run down the wall and switch off the light. I believe UFOs and ETs can become solid objects. I find it interesting that many abductees describe a coldness and sense evil during these experiences. On the other hand, Satan can be very beautiful and seductive. Do you think demons exist and if so are they beings we can just see and not touch?
Yes, I think demons exist. I'd rather not discuss it beyond this. No offense meant. It just isn't one of my favorite topics. Regarding your Hawaii experience, have you ever tried to imagine a normal reason for what happened? I can think of one. What if there was a rather large rodent or bird in the wall and the force of it running up or down the wall made the light switch off?
Kareng, No, the switch moved it wasn't just a short. I tried putting the switch in the center to see if it might have balanced between on and off and I couldn't.
That is weird alright. I guess I have to agree with you that it was a supernatural experience. Did anything else happen after that? I think one of the reasons abductees sense evil or a cold presence is due to the situation they find themselves in. They are not in control of what is going on. The aliens are perhaps so advanced that they are cold natured. I haven't decided yet whether aliens are malevolent or benevolent. I suppose we could be dealing with different kinds of aliens. Some are good while others are evil.
Kareng, I had a few other strange things happen to me on Maui and many acquaintances had encounters with beings such as balls of light chasing them around and one very credible person saw a huge ghost/demon accompanied by a large dog. These events are fairly common in Hawaii. As far as whether the ETs are good or evil, we all have to use our own spiritual discernment and decide for ourselves. I'm convinced that they are evil and are not what they appear(that is, these creatures from another planet). I think we are being set up for the anti-christ. Just my opinion.
Your theory is an interesting one. It isn't one that I can dismiss. We don't know what we are dealing with really so it is important to remain open-minded.