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I dont know much about comps but I need some help with something. You see my dad wants to watch TV from Israel. Firstly I have no Idea where to get that and also I hear you need broadband. We dont want internet on cable but we want like a fast modem or something that can support live tv. Is 56k the fastest modem without cable? Sorry for my stupidity but I'm just learning about computers.
Thanks for any advice.
Yes, 56K is the fastest modem speed -- and it's really insufficient for quality video streaming.

If you're interested in foreign television, it's probably better to go with a cable or satellite company. The internet video market is still very immature due to bandwidth cost/constraints. I know at least a few people who use Starchoice to get Croatian TV. Shaw digital cable is another option, but I don't think their selection is as good.
Thanks for the info, Porfiry. I talked to my mom and she said we might be getting cable internet...oh ya!!! that means I can go on as long as I want and watch some internet tv of my own, although basically all they got is foreign tv and discovery channel crap. What ever happened to blood and violence?:(
about TV on internet

I've thought about this myself. As far as Israeli TV you can get it off a satalite broadcast though I don't know the exact info on that right now. Email me, and I'll email you back later.

As far as putting a broadcast on the internet, you have to get an expensive video card or "box" that turns your TV cable into info that your computer can read. This you can get online or at Circuit City/Best Buy.

Then you choose your streaming method. RealProducer is one method of streaming video and you can get a free download if you look for it real hard at or

Also, I think you can watch short clips from Israeli news broadcasts on one of the Israeli news sites, just like most other countries. But I might be wrong on that one.

That should be enough for now. It's a big task but I'm sure alot of people will want to see it besides yourself so maybe some other people can split the cost of the equipment with you. Stay in touch.

Thanks for the reply, robboy, but I think my dads Got over the TV thing. He seems to now hate technology, and in general the internet because he cant even type in a URL, plus he somehow manages to perform persistant illegal operations.

But I know he'll come around and I'll definately keep that video card stuff, etc. in mind. Once again thanks for the advice, I know a bit about computers but when it comes to the inside of them, I'm walking around in the dark.
Sorry, I replied to that after wrestling practice and I was a bit out of it. Thanks anyway for the offer, but my dad hates sattelites even more.

I think one of your URLS is dot "net" instead of dot "com."

The info about rural and cafe use is very helpful. Thanks.


sorry for that guys!

it should have been;) ,the url i gave was...;):D wrong.

anyway,when you have enough information and are interested do buy the stuff,its cheap permanent solution for broadband connections,the speed is pretty fast,i have one at my home connected to Gateway computer and am pretty satisfied with it.

hi Elbaz,

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Free space optics:
were originally developed for military purposes,however they are now available for other consumers.they provide an effective way of broadband communication,speed varies from (10 Mbps to 1.2Gbps)they are cheap and cost effective.
can be used for LANs,WANs.they however have a disadvantage:
these are hampered by fog,smog etc,there are no of companies which are coming up with the technologies,i"ll come with links,after some time.
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