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Since this is the place for it, i have read so many posts debating the existance of aliens or not..

One question i have is a difficult , yet a simple one.

Lets say that they actually do exist, and that they wouldnt do the C:\Format c: on us,(eg Earth=McDonalds=Not true)

What would your reaction be? What do you THINK you would have done. Would you be devastated? Would your belief in whatever that would be be totally altered?

I am asking this question to try to come up with an answer to if they are here, why they wouldn't want to book a hotel room...


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You can look at this in several ways, if they do exist, ( if they do not then they do not, simple really).
All through our history we have had people like Caesar, Alexander the Great, Ghegis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Saddam and countless others. If this has been observed from another race then they may perceive us as a warmongering race, fair enough. Science is obsessed with building the best and most powerful ways to destroy us, not a very good idea me thinks and so much for science. All this probably brings a sense of fear as they may wish to come in peace so they consider the option of just observing us until the right moment, which would no doubt never arise.
The next is the experiment idea which would mean that they only need to observe us from a distance to see how we are performing to their needs and wwould probably explain why certain victims get abducted.
Another is that they are just passing through and their policy is not to interfere with other colonies, afterall there could be a hundred thousand worlds out there that are populated and only a few thousand that are capable of interstellar travel.
Or nothing is real and we all live in a dream.
Good point there Generalhurrs. There hasnt been that many that is trying to cover this from all sides, but you try to, and thats a good thing.

We might all live in a dream.. interesting thought :)

Just waiting for my peabrain to boot into English :\
Your forgeting how big our Universe is, I dont beleve that there are any Alien Civilizations in our Galaxy, for one thing, The Satistics of an Alien Race developing into technological Standards is extremely Rare. Life as I view it on another World would be extremely different, first of all, if the aliens tried to comunicate with us, they probably wouldnt understand, how should they know that were sending something to them, An Alien Scientist probably thinks differently therefore communicates differently, who knows, mabye an Alien from another Planet could communicate using Radiation; what I mean is that it could communicate by Radiation as in how bright the radiation is or how hot radiation is, its just a matter of property that makes it all happen. Dont worry, Im not, Its not going to be probably to the year 4267 that we actually can communicate with an Alien Species.
If there is in fact an alien presence and they are afraid of our agressiveness, wouldn't they be working to solve this for us?

If the earth is dying by it's own hands(humanity) would they not want to save a dying world?

ahhh Drake's equation, I think we should add into it the possibility advanced cultures making the numbers even more astounding!
I have always thought that if an alien life form was able to come to this planet, we should consider what they might be interested in studying?

Of all the possibilities, the one thing they would most likely be interested in is us. We are one of the life forms that has shown the most growth, our brains are the fastest evolving organs in any species with nearly 1cm3 added every 10,000 years. We retain a high potential for continued evolutionary development. It would be safe to assume the life form would be drawn to understand us as individuals as a group and as a species. Now I think it's important to stress this as our own technology would be of little interest since there is vastly more advanced.

If the life form was already advanced enough for physical contact, I htink it would be preferential that their initial stages would involve intense and rigorous study of our world with a preference to limit or minimize interference with our own evolutionary process and the planets ecosystem. This might not be possible but it would seem to be desirable. God knows we have found out what can go wrong when one interferes with complex living systems.

I try to keep in mind that there would be a good possibility that the more advanced life form would desire to gain a thorough understanding of us. If you consider this with the likelihood that the life form would be more advanced socially then why not spiritually. Before I send all the scientist running I believe that we have just begun to scratch our understanding of consciousness as it relates to our own health and our own reality.

If this were so, the nature of the communication between us and another "advanced species" (not just technologically)is something worth considering in detail. Such beings would be drawn to seek the deepest and richest type of understanding and communication with us. A suitably advanced relationship that could best be described as a communion. I'm not sure that definition fits but it would be intimate.

To consider all the variables and difficulties which exist in such contact then it becomes apparent that the most preferential mode of contact would be to keep knowledge of their existence secretive from the main body of humanity while seeking individuals to establish a compatible communion. The obvious differences between the two species would demand that the most preferential circumstances for contact would be with individuals that are psychological suitability for this communion. If such an event was to occur than psychological profiles of those being contacted would lead to inferences on the psychology of the beings in contact. This communion process would in it’s unveiling appear intrusive in it’s nature. At least at first, until a bridge of understanding can be fostered. That bridge of understanding would be a significant hurdle to overcome.

If such a scenario did occur we could expect to have individuals coming forth who will start telling of stories of having encounters (experiences) with advanced life forms that appear to be alien and that have been previously unknown to the main body of the human population. Of this group of people many would report an intrusive experience surrounded by confusion, a sense of vulnerability and a serious degree of physiological trauma. Yet underlying this trauma a sense that something more was happening.

I know this is a different theory that probably won't gain alot of acceptance but when I consider all the evidence and humanities precarious situation at present I believe it has much more merit than some will believe.
What you profess here is not a theory it is something that has been happening for thousands of years, the only problem is the ignorance of humanity, because no one or very few believe the contactees. Take a look at the classic case of Billy Meier, he was laughed at and ridiculed and attempts have been made upon his life, why? because what he is telling us is the truth? obviously someone considers him to be a threat of some sort.
They're hanging around waiting for the rapture to happen so that they can serve as a cover-up. That's why they haven't booked a room yet. They don't know exactly when it's going to happen, but they know that we are close enough as a society, to provoking God's wrath, that they have begun an abduction/hybridization program. Probably some last ditched attempt to survive after Christ returns. Or who knows, maybe the hybrid theory is nothing more than part of the "movie", overshadowing the truth about why they are really here. And overshadowing may be too "light" of a term, try mind-control. Gee, do you think they would just come right out and tell us their agenda? Why the hell would they?
I've got a scientific theory that you'll find very agreeable:

Earth is the only planet and the rest of the universe revolves around it.

I am; therefore I think.
Hilarious post, Lori. Keep it up, girl!

(I would've thought that if the aliens sensed they'd better do their nefarious deeds because God's wrath were imminent, they would have also concluded that - by doing what they're doing - old Goddy-Poo might just swivel his Divine Attention over to THEM!).

tee hee