Time travelers caught in old films

After carefully studying the 1st youtube clip, for about 2 seconds, I must say that the publisher of the notebook/textbook the young lady is holding should come forward and sue all Laptop/Notebook P.C./Netbook/Tablet manufactures for having the audacity to copy that publishers approximate dimensions!
And, by the way, Film and also Tape and Digital recording all seem to exhibit the ability to capture "Time Travelers" - I personally have been "traveling" through time now for 'nigh on 6 decades. In that span, I have been recorded way too many times, with one media or another.
By chance, did you happen to notice that nearly all the young people in that clip, also seemed to have the ability to process visual stimuli in 3-D Vision!
Are we not, all, "doing time on planet Earth"?
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The youtube video seeming to show a cell phone was added in an edit at 7:12 pm - seemingly 24 minutes after post #2.
Possible proof of time travel?
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A cell phone would be pretty useless without a network of cell towers.

This is another prime example of how recorded images stimulate our pattern finding abilities, sometimes for good, but more often it's just dumb.
Nothing of note in any of these, in my view, other than a remarkable willing on behalf of some people to conclude in the fantastical rather than the possibility that their assessment of what people might have worn, looked like, etc in the past being wrong. Or the pictures being faked. Or the misinterpretation of what someone might be carrying next to their ear while speaking to the person next to them.
Yep, the only logical answer is time travel... what a baffoon.
The fact you're a gullible fool isn't reportable.
The fact that you insult me is..Reported..

As a child I was taught this:
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
Mr. Magical Realist, in as much as you have chosen the first name, "Magical" - could it not be just as plausible that Magic is somehow responsible for what is in those videos - and possibly NOT "Time Travel"?
Your chosen last name is "Realist" - in this day and age, how is it possible that someone who refers to themselves' as a "Realist", be so "thin skinned", or to be able to be so hurt by mere words?
At the risk of being "reported", I must ask: Are you the most intelligent person that you have ever met or ever will meet?
Are you so intelligent that you do not have to think before you speak or type - or, dare I say, "report"?
Are you "One of The Chosen People"?
Are you one of "The Elite"?
Are you a 30something spoiled, pampered, "Special Person", living in grandpa and grandma's basement - or being bankrolled by some "Trust Fund", so as to be able to live out your "Special Sheltered" life without having to interact with REAL PEOPLE?
I only ask these questions, I repeat ASK?
The reason I ask, Mr. Magical Realist, is that your comments and actions, SEEM TO MOST REAL PEOPLE, to show that you are in NO WAY, an emotionally stable, moderately intelligent human being, capable of any thing more than the simplest animal reaction to criticism.
How can I put this in the simplest of terms, so as to not risk talking over you head, so to speak?
How about this:
I know......I've been reported. Now my life is over....the oceans will soon over flow with my tears....I'm not sure I will be able to face another day....Will someone please call the OOH OOH Squad!
By the way, a few days after "Time Travel" was achieved......wait, I am not authorized to tell you, yet, in this time-line... mommy, where is the eraser on my keyboard.....mommy.....mommy.....
'Most likely' and Magical Realist have nothing to do with one another.
C'mon guys, seriously.

Walking into an insane asylum and calling occupants insane isn't going to win a Nobel Prize for psychiatry.
Magical, you have a free spirit way about you, that I admire...but, this is a little out there, you know? lol :p
I'm not seeing proof of 'time travel,' to be honest.

But, the main question I have is...why is this in the 'conspiracy' section of the forum? :confused:
Magical, you have a free spirit way about you, that I admire...but, this is a little out there, you know? lol :p
I'm not seeing proof of 'time travel,' to be honest.

But, the main question I have is...why is this in the 'conspiracy' section of the forum? :confused:

I never claimed to believe this. I just think it's an interesting phenomenon in itself. Like those people who think world leaders are reptiles in disguise.
I thought you were joking.


I think one needs to have a shot (or two) of tequila before entering the...*conspiracy*

George W. Bush is mentioned in that link as being related to these Reptilians.