Time Travel

Pabu said:
Forgive my ignorance here but I have a question. Why do we believe that anything special would happen if we exceeded the speed of light? For example...when we increase the velocity with which we can travel on land, nothing happens other than getting from point A to B quicker. Wouldnt we just reach our spacial destination quicker than the person travelling at a speed slower than light? Why would these instances be different?

Nothing special would happen, accordingto Newtonian Physics. But this is not actually so. Relativity says otherwise. And the fact is that peculiar things happen even when you are travelling at speeds below light-speed. But these are practically unnoticeable. The faster you travel, the slower your time goes, and the shorter your lengths become, according to an observer standing still. But you on the other hand would see these same efects happen to the observer, because, according to you, the observer is the one who is moving, while you are not.