Thread closing reason #11

Thats nowhere near as entertaining. Besides its one thing to talk, another for someone to listen.

I'm not even sure what the big deal with necromancy is anyway. If someone picks up a conversation a long time after the original poster started it, whats wrong with that. In a pub a discussion can go on all night well after the drunk who started it is long gone. If new info/insight adds to the thread, whats wrong with that? Especially considering most newbies find sciforums via Googling something.

The main reason for locking old threads is sometimes people subscribe to a thread, then the thread dies a death. Then 3+ years later someone starts up and old discussion and suddenly the forum attempts to output emails to everyone thats subscribed to that thread. It's fine when you are dealing with active members, but sometimes I'm sure complaints can be received about email boxes being spammed (even though they signed up for an account :shrug:)

As for why it hasn't been automatically locked after a specific time. I couldn't tell you, it is a function that can be set in the software and I had suggested having paired "Archive" forums for moving old content to that's only available in read-only format to keep the active forums relatively clean. However:

The failures in Bureaucracy is down to the Bureaucracy.