The world through a cat's eyes

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This is absolutely amazing. Apparently some Harvard and UC Berkeley researchers placed some 177 electrodes into a cat's brain. Using the data from the electrodes, they were able to reconstruct a picture of what the cat is actually seeing. Absolutely amazing.

I haven't actually been able to connect to the site, but apparently they have both still pictures AND videos of the cat's experience. The site is really busy, but you can give it a try at:
I just skimmed through the site, but there was only a short article there. There might be better stuff somewhere else in their directories, though.

I wonder: how would those who laughed at Tesla's thought photography feel if they'd read this? There's also the question of a total-recall (both good and bad) situation where the neurons are fed specific impulses tailored to trigger artificial images and experiences, brainwash, speed learning, memory recall for criminal trials, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Of all the things I ever wished to see come true from science fiction, cartoons, etc., thought reading/projection is right up toward the top. Who knows where we're headed in this brave new world, eh? :)

:) -R.
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