The tailbone wags and can be a confusing dizzyness

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by trevor borocz johnson, Sep 18, 2022.

  1. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    While starring at something, turn your minds attention to something in your peripheral until it wobbles. While its wobbling check the following spots for causing the wobbling: your tailbone, the center of your forehead, your inner ear on either side, your eyes, your breathing, and your skeleton can wobble in the knees and neck esp..

    Your tailbone wags when you are excited. Deep breathing can be exciting and can wag the tailbone which is felt as a dizzyness. Adrenaline release seems to precede tailbone wagging. Adrenaline can be happiness anger fear. When it builds in you from work you may get upset and its hard to get out of. Adrenaline high from interest in something can deter you from bad adrenaline. Monitoring silence between thoughts and keeping a voluntary thought process going when you stumble into anxiety and anger can help.
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  3. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Reading this is giving me a confusing dizzyness.
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  5. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    I am not a dog.; my tailbone does not wag.

    What is "bad" adrenaline?
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  7. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    hello seattle i don t think weve ever crossed paths before!
  8. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Unfortunately it seems Trevor “Ballocks” * Johnson is back.

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    * he’s Japanese so gets the spelling a bit wrong.
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  9. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Please don't post unscientific or pseudoscientific stuff to our Science subforums again. Thanks.
  10. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    some people get it some don't what else can I say?
  11. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    'Nothing' seems to be the wisest option.
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  12. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Actually, we're in Neo-Poe territory, here; the bots that Akismet filters out for WordPress are actually better than the topic post. The spam from India and Pakistan we clean up often makes a better salad than this. And, really, even the spam we clean up here seems a bit more refined. Flip-side, a brief poking around fails to reinforce the prospect of bottery.
  13. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    So on topic approach to deal with.. people. schizophrenia relation to the tailbone. Schizophrenia increases when you listen to white noise or anything that spins or vibrates. The reflection of this sound in the balance system amplifies voices when a fan is on. Your own computer brain comes with a program that vibrates your balance system I call it the ghost program. It apparently has ground rules to it like concern with your existence instead of their (ghosts) own existence. I think questions that tackle the root of this brain program that vibrates your inner ear in response to thought may be what eventually changes and alleviates schizoid attacks.
  14. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    If that alleviates them for you, so be it.
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    thoughts that come to mind;
    triggers . . .
    underlying condition . . .
    behavioural environments . . .

    i did 10 days with no sleep some years ago on a party drug bender doing BZP
    ...BZP party pills non stop with no sleep for about 7 days then 3 days still no sleep, in paranoid hallucinations
    i ended up in a psyche ward for a week
    psyche evaluation said i probably have a tiny bit of OCD but otherwise im ok

    disclaimer : i didn't crash my car or hurt anyone

    before & after that event , at times i have found white noise to be very calming
    other times it has been very annoying

    voices in the mind (i could discuss at length)
    suffice to say white noise appears to interrupt internal voices more soo than adding cyclic amplification.

    how does cyclic repetitive noise/sound trigger mental distress & underlying psychiatric conditions ?
    repetitive sound causes issues with most people

    Autism, Asperger's & OCD interacting with repetitive songs, music or sounds and behaviours ...
    big subject
    quite involved
  16. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Asperger's isn't used anymore as I understand it.
  17. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    huh, I hear them less with the fan off. Something I've been trying lately is when voices have me sitting in silence listening to them, to just think over them like they are a boring person rambling on that I start having my own thoughts. Although rude to a normal person to do this for ghosts its like who cares? They're often too rude to listen to anyways.
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  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    anti psychotic medication helps reduce them quite a lot.
    but i also agree with you about consciously telling yourself they are not real & ignoring them.
    but if they wont stop and are constant then i suggest you get professional advice from a psychiatrist and try some different medications.

    you will still have your triggers of cycle noises, but medication can break those cycle triggers

    i need medication to keep the voices low
    it doesnt turn them off completely 24/7 and some things trigger them more than others.

    i find listening to them to be not helpful
    it finds me running down a rabbit hole of confining my thinking.

    part of my brain never shuts off(except in rem sleep for very short periods of maybe 25 minutes to 1 hour or if im unconscious from anesthesia)
    so i need to keep it medicated and entertained 24/7
    my sleep is comprised of vivid dreaming like being part of a movie.
    my brain defaults to that as a majority of my sleep time so i have had to teach myself lucid dreaming skills to try and manage.
    on average i have about 3 vivid dreams per night which can be very emotionally challenging.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2022
  19. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    Here's my list of 13 triggers
    1.Fan or spaceheater,
    2.ongoing story,
    3.rejuvination with schizoid art and music, window,
    5.believing telepathy and all eyes are on your thoughts,
    6.staying up late,
    7.defending your ego,
    8.invention fear,
    9.fear in the paint on the wall (pareidolia),
    10.wanting to be center of attention,
    11.being stuffed with emotions till dizzy,
    12.people in the other room talking/TV.
    13. waking up from dreams
  20. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    What I think happens sometimes is when your letting your thoughts float by and one causes a anger or fear, adrenaline can be released this excites you anxiety systems and you sit in silence while your mind races for answers to things that are big as stars. It's when sitting in this silence you may hear voices encouraging your anxiety, or they encourage adrenaline anyways too, so I use that trick of ignoring both and having thoughts over the disturbance. Your size and adrenaline are important in the universe, look at a mouse will twitch, and a cat twitches its ears and dogs are pretty excited to answer the door.
  21. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    The balance system is rattled by an excited tailbone wagging and opens and closes. You can feel pain in your balance system by letting out ear whistling blasts inappropriately to emotion and setting. The opening and closing of this gate is controlled by the tailbone wagging and the tailbone naturally gets excited when you release adrenaline which comes from sensory inputs. The pain in the balance system can be blocked or the problem solved through deep quick thinking, like a monitor running through pages of stuff quickly, and you wait for it to stop and read it. That doesn't always work. So you might just talk or think manually. But it seems likely that the part of the brain that interprets and answers and thinks and dreams and hears voices is working with the balance system as a sort of subconscious input. The gyroscope is the camera lens to the eye for the balance system. A fan is the same spinning in place as a gyroscope, and a fan noise blends in with the auditory ability of the balance system where voices are an energy sent from inside the brain 'program' for ghosts that comes in the box.
  22. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    When a schizophrenic builds up too much adrenaline, and they can't just punch the air, they may go crazy. Building up of adrenaline can come from thoughts that make you say to yourself 'shutup' then you sit in silence and are vulnerable to amplification of the adrenaline and anger or fear because it can loop with voices that are encouraging further adrenaline. Adrenaline can be harder to dissolve if you think voices are telepathy. So to dissolve adrenaline from thought don't allow yourself to ponder problems and cures that are huge from voices attention, but think small.
  23. trevor borocz johnson Registered Senior Member

    I 've been having problems with vivd dreams as well. They come after periods of rabbit hole schizophrenia. The last one I was certain was true I had been talking to the earth as a being and tons of ghosts, and I dreamt I was at a party with some pals and the earth was growing drugs for us on purpose, the end of the dream was in line with the saga of the rabbit hole I was following and I woke up terrified.
    I've learned to keep from having vivid dreams by not fooling around in rabbit holes. I wonder if I'll fall in again someday though?
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