The sun is shining!

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Indeed! The sun is shining and the seas ebb and flow. The seagulls fly and the seasons come and go.
Isn't it wonderful to be allive! :eek:)
I thought id post on the oldest thread in free thoughts just to bring it 2 the top.

No reason just felt like it.
The Sun is shining and it is hot, hot, hot here. Think I will do a raindance! :p

If it goes on like this there will be nothing left than a little bit of damping sweaty water on the floor. :bugeye:

Well, there is always the option to crawl in the freezer, with the danger that the freezer may get real hot too and start defrosting immediately.

The Sun is beautiful, it should let his warmth be a little less... :eek:

yes, complain, complain, complain...just for now...;)

if it wasnt raining so hard, id actually b out right now instead of sitting here at my computer.
Now, that is a very good idea. Come on Cool Skill, a rain-dance please. It is as hot as can be here. No rain in sight at the moment.

It can change though. If you dance very hard...:)
In this heat?

It's ok with me though. Take position then. On the count of three we go...1...2...3

Dance lad, dance till you drop. I'll let you know as soon as it is raining here...:D
Hey guys, can you do a rain dance for Australia? We got bad bushfires and droughts at the moment! Although I heard yesterday, christmas day, it snowed in 3 states here, in the middle of summer, and some of the snow actually doused some of the bushfires? :bugeye:
CRAZY weather
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