The Social Contract on a Global Scale

There is an old wisdom that states simply that it is only when sharing resources has a greater priority than competing for them, world peace, harmony and co-operation is possible.
For this to happen a fundamental shift in human nature would be required.
A functioning global social contract would demand such a shift. IMO

the world already has a social contract.
it was created and designed in conjunction with the USA
it was then abandonned and undermined and discredited by the USA

it is called the international commision for human rights

so obviousely you mean something completely different to a social contract.
you need to be quite a bit different in how you define your idea.
"Social Contract" is a maligned distopian adjunct

unfortunately due to the wars in the middle east the massive number of people stampeeding the southern border of Europe, it is giving more and more weight for the EU nations to abandon the Broken Global Social Contract and move toward insular dictatorship ideologies for self protection.
maybe it would be better off for the invaded to invade those countrys where all the refugees are coming from so they dont have to leave.
which is morally worse ?
watching and doing nothing as people die paying people smugglers as they undermine the culture and economy of developed stable countrys ?
or invading those countrys and throwing out the tyrants that created the civil wars in the first place ?

which is morally superior ?
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