the sexual battle of dominence


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so what the hell do i mean...? you think...
As allot of the readers on this forum seem to be quite learnned! I pose this idea and thus question acordingley as a SERIOUSE ONE
(so no twisted extreemist abuse please)
the one thing (one of many things actualy) that i have come accros as an anomilie of the human development is that women and men alike think it is the males duty to make the first move...especialy if niether are aquanted(in a first contact social - leading to obviouse sexual relations)
as much is the idea put forward by some people that men and women should be equal
men and women as human evolution dictates are not equal !
so why are so many in compleete denial and trying to attain something that they compromise on a dayly basses?
all mature thoughts welcome
i am not as much a male, as i am expected to, think like a female...... :D......????????????????????????????????
why not imbrace the differences and clear the air for all to go forward?????????????????????????????????????
groove on all
Woman is sweet y'nah, woman is sweet
She talk with her heart y'nah, she talk with her heart
She got more pain than male, she got more pain
Emotionally full she is, emotionally full..(that's right)

She need more time y'nah, 'cause she's like a flower
So give her the t'ing she needs or go take a shower

Can't hurry love y'nah, so quit being a cissy
Good girls are hard to find, even if they're prissy

Be gentle and kind to her and treat her with wonder
Be careful and tender and you'll have her under

Be careful and under and you'll have her tender
Be careful and under and you'll have her over over over over over la la la la la la la la
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yo tab
if i was to belive what you say is realy youre opinion..........................?
i would have to ask you what is a "cissy"
and if some one is "emotionaly full"
as you say(sounds like an excert from a song to me)
that states that women have no room for any more feelings for anything or anybody........?
if that were true i guess my girlfriends were aliens :D
AND time does not heal!!!!!!!!
it just makes it harder to recall!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope not!
that would be self distructive and self perverting!
i seek to break the cycles of abuse among people and to our planet.
why pander to a sickness?
it only creates perverted thought!
ps... i do belive "it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved"!
groove on :)
i hope i have missenterpritted your... poem...(?)
I was merely pointing out some of the things which make women fundamentally different from men, regardless of their political equality and I say, vive la difference!

And yes, it is written in a kind of reggae stylee groove type o' t'ing.

By 'emotionally full', I meant that most of them are truly in touch with their emotions, as opposed to 'emotionally(almost) empty' which most men are.

I say 'give her time', to get her ready for love making, since this is what I gathered was the gist of your problem in your first post.
Probably, a woman cannot naturally make the first move normally, because of:
1. Religious and/or family and/or societal conditioning.
2. A probably genetic pre-disposition to be sexually submissive.
3. A brain that doesn't think of sex every 5 minutes.
4. She's not as insatiable as the porn industry and women's magazines would have us believe.
Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and sometimes, even prudish women may be moved to take the bull by the horns (pun intd') if they truly love their man and if they've been sexually neglected for a while.

If you expect casual girlfriends to make the first sexual (not merely flirtatious) move, you'd better make sure you don't catch something nasty on your pecker or beyond, because good girls DON'T!

PS: Cissy (in this context) means; Effeminate: (you say you think! Like a woman?) Gutless: You're afraid to make the first move? Prima Donna: You expect to just lie there, being ever so sexy and irresistible, while this politically equal woman (who still incidentally probably earns less than her male counterpart) is so overcome with passion by your wonderful sight, wit and charisma that she just jumps on top of you and fckus your brains out! As womanly thoughts flit daintily through your mind?

So...there we have it then, men and women ARE different and political equality is not all it's cracked up to be. I don't understand where you ascertained that I settle for second best in my relationships and I don't really understand what you mean by it either. But after 30 years of happy, faithful marriage to a wonderful, long suffering lady, I cannot for the life of me think of any other relationships that I feel any envy for.
yo tablariddim
scathing remarks
i was trying to lean away from such things by the insertion of the ? s
and give you a feel of my nature
well the one thing that kinda stings the ego is gutless
and where did i say i think like a women?
if i did i woudnt be asking questions!
have you ever been in the singles game?
you say you have been married for 30 years
i assume you married at an early age?
maybe not
was she your first sexual encounter that meant something more than sex to you?
soO many questions flow from your statements.
but however... dont you think it should be mutual?
im not one to just rush into bed with a women and dont seek a women like that
maybe your reading what you fear in all males between the lines?
the second best thing is mearly the concept of "nothing is that good without being bad for you"
so ill achive a almost rather than seek a everything
this i refer to on a intelectual/psychological level.
and its a question of character as such not a ridicule or statement.
hey "TIME" it seems your links are porn links?
SOo... tablairiddim are you a cristian?
thats just a guess?
PS will you teach youre daughters to take second place?
or maybe you already have?

*if life as we know it is like "THIS" then why dont we all just start ripping everybody off...?
your quote:
i am not as much a male, as i am expected to, think like a female...... ......????????????????????????????????
why not imbrace the differences and clear the air for all to go forward?????????????????????????????????????

This sounds like a statement to me, otherwise I've misconstrued what you're trying to say. Like this following statement, which sounds like you're wingeing at being expected to 'take the lead':

---women and men alike think it is the males duty to make the first move...especialy if niether are aquanted(in a first contact social - leading to obviouse sexual relations)----

I still don't understand what you mean by 'second best', but if you mean 'compromise' then I'll go with that. You cannot go through life competing with 'everything' and wanting 'everything' all the's too short and 'everything', apart from being unattainable most of the time, is just an illussion. Most of the couples we knew are now divorced or back together after 'flings'. Most of them are desperately unhappy, they want(ed) everything and got nothing.

My sexual experimentations with the opposite sex began at 6, yes I did marry young, yes it was more than sex--it was, er love! No sons or daughters, so quantity unknown there. But my 2 cents worth were sincere and come from personal experience, observation and enlightenment.

As far as Christianity goes, let's just say I've seen it, done it, got a couple of T shirts, realised it was bullshit and I ain't going back there again. Fish was good though!

2. where did i say i think like a women?
if i did i woudnt be asking questions!

'Women are from Venus and men are from Mars' Have you read it?
yo tablariddim
im sorry about my broardly swiped statement which (think like a women)
is very indepth in my own mind but a little shortsighted to assume the real or whole meaning will be evident.
my main thought in that statement is that it seems(life as a couple thing) has turned more into a battle of the sexs.
i agree with you that women have alot of incredible bulshit hung over them; like a shroud and men have
a few problems aswell.
that book women are from venus and men are from mars.... u think i should read it?
ill visit the library soon.
and i do winge from time to time... :D
but my main annoyance with the males first in the social scene is that (though alot / most of the men i have met think it is cool to cheat and also go to hookers and brag about it)
women are already thinking "he just wants to get in my pants" and i dont like the idea of contributing to the mess when i see that alot of women(since i raised them not men specificaly who are my opinion...less able or likly to change so easily...i hope im wrong)
who seem to be soo sold on the whole superficial game of sex rather than just [ I GUESS ITS PROBABLY BOTH WAYS/MEN AND WOMEN.]
meeting people to get to know them.
i gues thinking about it more ...the big obstical is bodily fear...hhmmm
the second best thing is what i see to be a doctrine of thought that people follow and preach-"if its that good it must be bad" and "to get something good i have to do something i dont like"
if ya get my point/opinion
we can only hope that by the time you have children, society would have banned advertising @ children....?{not in anyway directed @ you or youre ability to parent}!!!
i think one of the down sides in the run-off from that is that alot of people see computers as just another games machine.
anywho ill stop there for now
i think you are lucky to have some one who loves you unconditionaly!
i wish you both strength and adventure
:) groove on all
it's official

Wednesday, 25 April, 2001, 18:44 GMT 19:44 UK
To love, honour and deceive

Long-term relationships are based on deception

By BBC News Online correspondent Mark Ward
Long-term relationships are fundamentally dishonest. And it's all the fault of females.

Scientists claim that monogamous relationships among many species, including humans, only persist because females have found a way to disguise whether they are fertile.

The researchers claim that by offering sex anytime, but no clues as to whether they will conceive, females trick males into hanging round for a long time.

The evolution of this deception is the only reason that monogamy has developed.

So I wonder, what makes a woman hang around an infertile man, in a long term monogamous relationship?
so we are all still carrying clubs i guess
but some are remote controlled.
was that realy on as a seriouse news item?

...and a man in a wheel chair
...and any man whith physical bisabilities in that matter.

strength to the weak
wealth to the poor
and all the sexy babes to me please! :D

groove on all
nothing personal??????

nothing personal......

<font size ="5"> BUT YOU ARE A DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!
Re: nothing personal??????

Originally posted by HOWARDSTERN
nothing personal......

<font size ="5"> BUT YOU ARE A DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!

Who's a dickhead? The poster? The BBC? The researchers who came up with the shit?
Please clarify your position.
dear howard... a jahovas witness as it would seem!?!
note my first post on this issue
"no twisted extreemist abuse"
i can only assume you have not read the entire flow of events!
oh how constuctive .. you arnt!
why not use the language "that we have been trained to use"
to express youre self in clear terms?
with a statement like that i can only assume the worst of you!
why not be an intelectual human being and use real language rather than resorting to a morons use of an inability to expres a thought or should i be more specific in saying...
the in-ability to think independantly of youre biggoted ideas!...?
ps any women who are reading this please feel free to offer youre thoughts...and...just a little note...
i am a romantic at heart and would(have) move the heavans and earth for a girlfriend...including pride and ego!:D
*i enquire to the nature of the mass doctrine of media thought... not the individual! missery to all greed merchants:)
*inclusive of those who might covert any of the seven deadly sins...howard!
" She keeps me off of the street. And she keeps me out of trouble. But Lord, at night, when I hear the wind blow, I wish I was single again..... yes I wish I was single again." - Johnny Cash.
confusion here

After reviewing this thread..i am so very confused:confused: i still am not sure what the question is...but...we are living in conflicting times here when it comes to gender normal growth and development, sexual identity is dictated by the dominant hormone; both sexes have each hormone, estrogen and testosterone; this would dictate the natural response to any given situation; in extreme amounts, you get an extreme response ie..howard...the sternmeister must be on testosterone overload...he should lift a truck prior to typing responses; then, if you factor in conditioning, the picture becomes even more conflicting...esp. considering the move for female equality; it has caused many women to not be certain of how to react in various situations. Men and women also think quite differently in the same situation; again, extremes here are not good...need to buffer the thought processes...for example, when i find myself reacting with too much "feminine" emotional response to be able to exercise objectivity, i will seek advisement from a trusted male friend; that usually unblocks my thinking. I should think the reverse would also work; so i think one needs to temper oneself with a little of both for balance...but stern...he needs to get off the steroids...well...this response makes sense to me....hope it does to you...:)
hey cybergypsy
thnks for the info :)
i guess its about time i tried to state more clearly what i meant and thus mean.
well to start from year dot (all in my perception of coarse)
men have dominent power THUS dominent opinion
women want to share power of opinion THUS womens lib
men are told not to be men as they know it THUS confusion of roles
women have the vote and lawful equal rites but still not equal power THUS women seek to be dominent(or some seek to be men-in a psychological sence)
THUS men are confused how to act to women and THUS whimpy men who cant hunt/kill/handle conflict/improfise to exist.
THUS women try to be warrior princes (LOL){the princess part is to try and gain some feeble hold on femininity}
we have men who cant fight
we have women who are looking for one
the battle of the sexs

groove on all :)