The recent change of.....

What do you think of the somewhat recent change of exosci's layout?

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exosci or sciforums?

Are you referring to the news page or the discussion forums? They both have undergone change in the past two weeks.
i pressed no, because i like the new style, but it jsut isnt the same, i guess when i spen a whole summer at the same page i get kidna attached, though i do like the new forums, and such...

Something has just occured to me............

I hate california!

Such arrogance, yet simplistic stupidity!

Fruity as nutcakes!

Hope you don't come to New York, before the Big Quake hits!

get a life freaks!

<i>"((Howard), I only tune in to find out what he's gonna say next)"</i>
hm, dave, wat do u think abiout this howardstern guy?

he seems to be really understanding and loving..

ya i know what you mean, every post from him as been negative and most of the time nothing to do with what the thread is about.

I haven't been here long enough to really have an opinion on it, but I like what I see's that? Say, while you're at it...could you put a cool little program in with my information so that anyone who logs on pays me $10 for every log on? Just send a check, or money order, or CASH even was worth a try...

Your namesake doesn't just diss people; he simply speaks his mind. He can dish out praise just as easily as scorn. You, on the other hand, seem to misrepresent him by only portraying the hateful (however playfully so) side. Oh well, having myself resided in California for the last 10 years, I could only sign off as truly yours,

Arrogant Simplistic Stupid Nutty Freak, Esq.
Oh, the Devilsreject, you are the devil in disguise (that's why I am singing this song to you).