the problem in Japanese (language)


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No flames please. I'm not talking about people of Japan.

The language is really a trouble for me to comprehend (no, not to memorize). Some of this 'mis-comprehension' is that some Japanese consonants seem to be spelled differently from English consonant. Example: Ikazuchi (lightning)-> the 'z' is somewhat spelled 'p' for some reason.... funny. Anyone care to correct or comment?
If you can't take the heat, try learning another language. Otherwise stop crying about it like a baby with his head cut off.
How is the "z" spelt like a "p"?

My dictionary says that word is "thunder."

You should learn the hiragana, then katakana. Study one group per day (ie. ka, ki, ku, ke, ko), for an hour or more if that's what it takes. Use; the page you want is under "online-teaching" and then "hiragana steps."

If that isn't your only comprehension problem, all I can say is memorize some more. Learning sentence patterns, phrases, and vocabulary is important.