The paranormal believer as prey



When I visit a site devoted to, say, UFOs or pyramidology, I make it my practice to look around for what the site's owner is selling -- and I always find it. Trace any of these fringe beliefs back very far toward its source and you come to some huckster with a product to flog. No surprise in that; there's always been money in exploiting the gullible, and if these shuck artists were only hoaxing the rich, I wouldn't object very loudly. But I fear that most of their junk (CDs, tapes, books, videos, T-shirts, pseudo-medical paraphernalia) is being sold to poor, aging, ignorant, confused people whose lives are difficult enough already. Folks like that really shouldn't be going hungry to buy the latest shocking new truth about Roswell, or Bigfoot, or whatever it may be. I think that aggressive skeptics (and I hope I'm one) should devote more time and effort to exposing con men, rather than arguing with the fringe-believing faithful (a task rather like washing a bar of soap) or agreeing with each other in web forums. I don't want to sound sanctimonious, I just want to urge fed-up skeptics (and I hope that includes some of you) to confront the profiteers who're making big bucks out of people who are, for whatever reason, effectively helpless.
Hello??? We don't require that you give tithes and offerings to our "religious debate" forum. Show me the money?

God loves you and so do I!

Your real name wouldn't happen to be "The Amazing Randy" now would it?
Could you forward me any catalogues you may have that contain any merchandise/books on how to avoid this ongoing con?

Get off your santimonious high ground and stop judging people who are interested in this subject as if they are all a bunch of gullible idiots. Obviously, you know the truth of it all don't you. You know for sure that all of us who are devoting time to researching parnormal subjects are simply being ripped off by clever conmen who manufacture case historys to fool us all. You say that arguing with the fringe believing faithful is a task akin to washing a bar of soap. I'd like to point out that arguing with debunkers is much the same. You people will never be able to comprehend the possibilty that some of these subjects just might be real. You've already formed your opinion based on the logic of "it can't be, therefore it isn't." The other thing about people like you is that they generally don't even take the time to look at any of the evidence. What do you actually know about the UFO subject? I'd be very suprised if you knew anything at all. Yes, I do admit there are gullible people who believe in this stuff just because they want to and I personally think that their opinions count for nothing. Neither do yours.......

Go and take your sad, cynical and closed minded view of the world somewhere else.

By the way, the only thing this forum's cost me is a bit of time and the price of a few phone calls.

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What a sad outlook and general attitude on life you have. Not everything relates to money, so why not go back to watching the QVC shopping channel and try spreading your blinkered views to an audience who might just listen to your innane ramblings!
Sometimes it pays to buy knowledge, schools don't teach us everything and knowledge expands the mind to a wider scope. Then again, perhaps you like being a vegetable Mr Hysterical.
I'm new to this forum. The other one sorta went quite. So for my 2cents worth; I also look to see what a site is selling. If they have a product for sale, does that make the site worthless? The only sites that I find worthless are the ones that claim to have a "URGENT MESSAGE" for people. Then when you look they say- to get this amazing answer to all your questions buy my book. Any person with a truely URGENT MESSAGE, that will save millions of people- and sells it- is only out to line their pocket. If you had some knowledge that could save the lives of EVERY person on earth would YOU sell it?
hysterical by name as they say. Although to a point I'd agree to be wary of hidden agendas. Don't buy anything from anyone whose selling it, they may be just trying to make a fast buck. Good advice for mr hysterical.