The Next Generation: Y


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First about generation Y.
Born during a baby bulge that demographers locate between 1979 and 1994, they are as young as five and as old as 20, with the largest slice still a decade away from adolescence. And at 60 million strong, more than three times the size of Generation X, they're the biggest thing to hit the American scene since the 72 million baby boomers. Still too young to have forged a name for themselves, they go by a host of taglines: Generation Y, Echo Boomers, or Millennium Generation.

So with this little background, and from what you intelligent ones now about my generation what do you think is in store?

Please be gentle, remember I'm part of this.

Here's a little link:
They are the reason why we are in such an economic mess! Who do you think programs all these computers? It is those 14 to 18 year old kids of all the CEO/CFO/CIO idiots.
Maybe it just the way I see things. Maybe it's that as I got older I look around more, maybe it is looking through the eyes of experience. I don't know. When I first went out into the work force I was going to change the world. Young, idealistic, and basically no idea of what really went on in the world. (Not to sure I know now). But I thought I did then. I found that all those things I liked to do cost more money than I could really afford being unskilled. I also found that the work force is a great evener. What I mean is I am sure that you all have heard the "What's this generation growing up now coming to". Well I do not believe in that crap, and crap it is.

Just because some kid thinks it's cool to wear his hair in spikes or color it in different colors does not make him/her useless. Heck I get struck by the "how odd" every now and then when I see some of the younger generation looking like a pin cushion. But it is their body to do with as they see fit. When they get to the job they find out if they want to work the jewlery has got to go. Insurance and all of that. And sooner or later there is something they will want. Whatever it is will cost money and to get it they will have to earn it. So back to the job. Next thing you know the youngester finds he has to conform to work. No problem. When I was young it was the hippies. Aren't many around any more other than in attitude and even those are rare to find. So it all balances out in the wash.

Us older folk will need the taxes they generate to give us our social security. So I am not complaining. Given time, they will get it right, I am sure. We all make mistakes when we start out. I made my share believe me. But they were my own mistakes and not someone elses. They will do just fine, just as we all have. So what is the issue?
Hey, you're not "older folk" Wet1, you're aging like fine wine.

Lot's of attention on generational differences today. I think the Millenium Generation will have to be a little more savvy to survive and thrive in the workplace. It used to be enough to show up on time every day, make sure your tie matches your shirt and you could rest assured you'd always have a descent job. I don't envy those coming out of high school looking for work these days. It's like a sharktank at the corporate level. No one can be trusted, all the rules are different. Dog eat dog, right?
In 1987, I was hired as an aspiring young Air Trafffic Controller lucky enough to have just come out of the Marine Corps with a spotless record. And I was good at what I did. Really good. And really lucky.
A high school education is probably not going to be enough to really compete. Success in the workplace will require cunning, free thinking and risk. I don't envy you guys, but GOOD LUCK! It'll be fun for us "older folk" to sit back and watch.
sit back and watch? Are you kidding. We old folks still have work to do. The young ones messed up the economy. We have to save it for our own future, otherwise there will be no money left to sit back and relax. My retirement fund is going down right before my eyes.

It is like wet1 said, when you are young, you are ready to take on the world. Well, the world faught back. Hopefully everybody learned something, young and old. Now we need to fix it for all our sake.

Just a moment ago, Jesse Ventura was on CSPAN talking about how the republicans told him behind close doors that he did a great job equalizing the automobile tax system. But they told him, they will fight it because he will take credit for it rather than a republican. Go figure....
Names of generation Y

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and all the other teenboppers. :D
Finally a post where the spotlight is put on me. Thankyou all for the applause. I know I know, I'm perfect and better off than you guys were, or so you say?

I don't want to be part of the Britney Spears, Christia Aguliera or how ever you spell it generation!

This thread has efectivley gone down the shitter. Never seen something go off point so quickly.
Oh, don´t be sad kids!

There are always a few geniouses in every generation, maybe you are it! ;)

And what do we know about Britney, Christina and Usher..or whatever...anyway? They maybe geniouses in very clever disguises...:D
Media has made up an image of them so far, for economic purposes only. When they mature and start to think for themselves they might have something very different to say than what we hear coming from them now.

Don´t give up hope!

Ah, thank you Bebelina.

Maybe they are geniouses, and if they are I'm the Queen of England.

Whatever generation you belong to, you seem to be one of the more gifted of the bunch, as well.
Generation X

Am I supposed to belong to. The confused generation.

But I´m cool...
:cool: :rolleyes: :D
I think you "generation Y" people are going have a huge, daunting task ahead of you.

You are coming of age just when the world is about to REALLY go mad. The "baby boomers" and we "generation X'ers" have made sure of it for you.

You're probably going to have to pick our mess and rebuild from the rubble we are going to create.

I think you're intelligent enough to learn from our mistakes. Pay attention, stay alert and "keep your clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark.".

Good luck.