The most retarded forum leaders I ever saw

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the embassy just sent like 30 marines to arrest me.
i kicked all their asses and then cooked them dinner to show i wasnt a bad sport.
we had a few laughs, a few cries, and then i kicked their asses out.
they were cutting in on my PRON time.

You are lucky you are not British. They would have send in the Regiment.

People outside the Regiment call it the SAS.
First off those 3 days bannishment were a clear abuse of leadership powers here at this forum.
so? and? it's a private forum, the mods can ban you just for a laugh okay?
My point is that it is highly illegal to lure people into these forums just to amuse oneself banning them and putting them to redicule.
we talking bread trails? how did sciforums lure you here?
Why is this place not a closed forum where the jews can enjoy their fallacies without opposition?
what, exactly, is a jew?
I mean, really.
The whole point of a discussion forum is to examine issues and confront them no matter how painful the truth may be.
first thing you said that i agree with.
Why is it that some people think the truth will just simply go away if you lock it in the basement?
don't know. why don't you ask them.
Where do the jews running this site come off thinking they know best what the readers should or should not read?
racist statement.
Do the moderators here think their members and the public are infants?
People want to know the truth, can you understand that?
People have been lied to so profisely they are bursting at the seams to discover why and who did this and lied to them.
have you been to cracker barrel lately?
Why do you stay here if you cannot stomach the criticisms directed against your tribal affiliates?
i'm not getting banned over your nasty ass.
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so? and? it's a private forum, the mods can ban you just for a laugh okay?

um no it is a public forum, privately owned but public. in that the only requirement to join is a user name.
I thought cactusneedles was talking bollocks about Jewish control on this forum, till I looked down and discovered I had been circumcised.

Circumcision is no longer a sign that one is affiliated with global judaism.

In ancient Greece the non-jews did not want jews involved in the business dealings that were mostly negotiated in the bathhouses. Nakedness was the norm in the olympics and in the bathhouses so the jews came up with a neat idea to counter this problem, epispasm. This medical procedure involved stretching the remaining foreskin of a circumcision so the penis would no longer appear jewish. Sometimes a piece of skin from another part of the body was grafted to the penis when the remaining skin was not long enough to allow stretching. Anyways, google "epispasm" to learn more about that if these things preoccupy you.
um...its not illegal, assnugget.

Fraudulent misrepresentation is illegal. Just because the judicial system (or what's left of it) is under jewish control does not make it more legal even if the practice is widespread on the web. Kidnapping kids from non-jewish families is also illegal yet the jewish run courts allow it and encourage it. Putting poisons in the food supplies is illegal yet jewish processed foods manufacturers indulge in this deadly practice as a matter of routine endorced by the jewish impostors running the FDA and the jewish doctors profitting from the resulting illness. Forcing people to buy jew-run auto insurance by law is illegal yet many jurisdictions will remove a driver's mobility rights for failure to produce proof of insurance. The list is incredibly long. Jewish tyranny has gone out of control. People are getting really fed up.
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