The most beautiful man

Kakihara would kick his ass.

Well, technically, he would get his ass beat for a bit, then he would ridicule your man for not beating him soundly enough and proceed to shove chopsticks in his ears, disembowel him, and masturbate over the still steaming remains.

He really is a sensitive soul.
I can't understand exactly what you're saying, but what? Are you doubting the beauty of Stone Cold Steve Austin?
How is he not an immaculate specimen of man?

Let me guess, the fact he beats women probably makes him a big meanie to you, and in your twisted mind you need to punish people for being mean by pretending they aren't gorgeous?
Fuck you, ok, you're a faggot, and that's the bottom line, cause stone cold said so.

Not one of the asian eunachs in this thread would dare mess with the rattlesnake, not one. He would stunner the shit out of all of them one by one.
Then he'd say "Who's beautifull now?" because their asian good looks would be mashed on his shoulder.
He wouldn't even wash it off either, he'd just drink gallons of beer and be like "oh that? I fucking stunner'd the shit out of an asian and that's his face".

No joke: this is the funniest post I've ever read on Sciforums.

Yeah, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the fucking man. Don't you just admire his ability to catch countless cans of beer thrown at him from twenty feet away with just a single hand? It's a shame his knees have turned to jelly, or else he'd be whooping ass. He's also very clever. How many times has he offered an honest handshake, only to (unexpectedly) turn it into a kick to the stomach, followed by an abrupt stunner? I've lost count.


Here's another one of my favorites that make people go WTF.

Alan Rickman:


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Oh, no. I get Alan Richkman. He is so much more than his looks. He has presence. You have to look at him, you just can't help yourself.
pffft, whata joke....
Why don't you tell him that you find him to be a most beautiful man?
He'd beat you so hard...
Oh man, I would be so honoured if he beat me.
If he stomped mudholes in me before flipping me off with both hands really close to my face, shit, I don't want to get too carried away thinking about that...

No wait, you know what? This is what this thread is about, I should enjoy myself.

Yeah fingering my face, mmm yeah, you finger it.
That's a nice black t-shirt you're wearing, raisin' hell huh? Is that a new one?

I don't like NASCAR, but I like looking at Jeff Gordon. Its the eyes.
Hypocrite, the guy drives nascar, as if he doesn't beat women.
Imagine the eyes blank with rage when you get him the wrong brand of chewin tobacca.

Seriously though, that is the funniest photo of a man posing I've ever seen. And they're all a little funny, but the "fish out of water" comedic element in that picture is something else.
The shoot would have been hilarious.
"now jeff, maybe put your hands on the guard rail and stare like yer thinkin".
(I assume a hillbilly took the photo)

Why isn't he wearing a belt by the way? You get the feeling he had a rope or power chord in his pants and they thought they better take it out for the photo.
You just can't give someone like that enough money to look rich, poverty is embedded in his genes.
The way that "glamour shot" has turned out I think visually sums up how ludicrous NASCAR is.
Ghost_007 said:
Are you gay?

Bisexual, although I've recently been referred to as pansexual by a friend of mine.

The post about Rickman though wasn't meant to be taken in a sexual context so I'm not sure why you'd ask that question in response to that post; do you find something sexual about being turned into pulp?