The most beautiful man

People are free to insult the pics all they like. But if this descends into another slanging match between posters this thread is history.

And I doubt I'll allow another one like it.

And, just so you know, to be fair, the beautiful woman thread will go too.

Final warning.

Someone else said, they want me to have my own thread which is fine with me.

I didn't say it. They don't want me to post my pics in this thread. Can i have my own thread?
I think the picture of cute Asian boy number three thousand two hundred and twenty seven is one too many.
I'm all for fetishism and compulsion.
I think obsession is under-rated.
Lord knows, I love a pouty lip more than words can describe!

OOOhh!! Peta9
Invert will kill the pleasure of many and it will be my fault...or yours.
what slanging match? i just pointed out the fact, the woman thread had to be restarted because it was so large.

if i have my own thread, it will be the same technically, just the pics allocated in a different folder (thread). lol
Sorry to disappoint Peta, I'm older but not ugly.
My self esteem in the looks/bod department has been assured since I was about 22.
Your boy/boys ( they are all clones as far as I can tell) are cute but just plain pooncy and appear completely conceited and gormless.

Amen! Goebbels puts them to shame!
anyone got a pic of a hot cowboy? And I mean a real one, not a model or stripper in chaps


sum other group, they look like trouble, i like that, that's right up my alley.

my fav kind a trouble


cutness cannot be denied. scoot over, scoot over! make room for me! group hug, u-know sit next to me or on my lap or vice versa, whichever. Say cheese!

omg, u wer perfect, sizzling sexy. omg, u wer beautiful. i luv this picture, it's gorgeous
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