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The most detailed proposal so far for a hotel and resort destination on the Moon (!) has been prepared by Dutch architect Hans-Jurgen Rombaut. The harsh lunar environment posed serious design challenges but the Moon's low, one-sixth-Earth gravity, and the absence of wind were an architectural boon allowing a much more slender and fragile-looking building than would have been possible on Earth. Illustrated here, the structure's two 160 meter high needle-like towers soar over the rim of a deep canyon as planet Earth hangs in the lunar sky. To shield the interior, Rombaut designed 50 centimeter thick walls with two outer layers of Moon rock and a 35 centimeter layer of water held between glass planes. The water absorbs energetic cosmic rays and along with the rock helps keep the temperature constant. Windows are framed as holes in the rock layers. Construction materials are intended to be manufactured on the Moon itself. This Moon Hotel design is welcomed by the international Lunar Explorers Society, LUNEX, who hope to construct a robotic Moon base by 2015, ultimately supporting a lunar village by 2040.
To me it would sound like a good idea if it were feasible. Perhaps we should start designing cheaper and faster ways to travel in space before we start building or thinking about colonies. The building costs would be massive, not to mention the maintenance (Did somebody say space debry?), also the many food runs which will be needed will cost trillions. Furthermore, by the time we are able to build on other planets/satellites this idea will be outdated. What a waste of time.
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I agree that we will not soon in the future do something as this. But this vision is driven by the mass of people wanting such. What better way to show what your thoughts are than graphically? This excerisize in thought carries a bit more than usual in that they have went as far as saying you can get almost everything you need here (on the moon). Waste of time? I disagree. There will come that time when we find our way to the interior system. When we do there will always be that need of a resort, an area to rest at. What better way to kick off space industry?
To be punctual I think that would be a great honeymoon resort, if I'm married by then. :rolleyes:

We do need space tourism to fund a new space venture, without it we'll be on Mars, when I have kids.

We'll all be dead by then. :rolleyes:

Maybe my love/sex life should be used as the next long time scale. Intersting... you think if thecurly marries and moves to Hotel Luna to work there, his kids will be 10 feet tall due to low gravity? And what happens when they come to Earth, can they walk?
After to being used to 20 foot strides crawling will seem like going nowhere. Beides would claim 6" kids on earth?
I'd go to the moon resort if it wasn't so incredibly butt-ugly. They should make it like a giant golden pyramid or something with a really long, thin tower coming out of the top for observing the moon and Earth. That'd be cool, but for now I think that space-resorts (and casino's) will be confined to Earth's orbit.
They should make one that looks like the spinning wheel in 2001, I'd spend my whole life saving up for it if one actually existed.
While kidding about 6" kids, it came to me that we wake up and are taller than when we went to bed. The spine relaxes in not having to fight gravity to support the body. So when you first get up you are taller than later in the day.

I think it would be fantastic to be able to look out over an edge of a cliff or some such. What a sight! No smog.