The everlasting THIS or THAT game.

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1. Choose one. Type your own THIS or THAT.
2. Try not to type a THIS or THAT that has already been done.

I'll start: Male superiority or Female superiority.
Cesspool. :p

Dionysus or The Crucified.
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Female Felatio

Your talking about a man performing oral sex on a man vs a woman performing oral sex on a man right?

Love or Money
Fraggle Rocker said:
Freedom or security.

I think liberty or death would have been more dramatic. And you Can't answer that one wrong. :) Freedom is my answer.

Easy choice, or right choice
This is the reason why I kind of like you Cool Skill got Cool games.

(To be or not to be)

It's a classic but it says plenty.

With teeth.

I'd rather have teeth, and I don't know what the other one means.

Is anybody that needs more explaining about this game:
Dumb or Dumber?

(for those playing, remember to pick a choice from the last post and then make your own "this or that" option)

Hit or stand? (cards)

For beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Today or tomorrow

The guy asking for how to play the game broke the chain so;

To be or not to be

Still stands as well.
To be. I'm not exactly in Hamlet's shoes, but I certainly see no reason to kill myself.

Blue Pill. I'm also willing to bet that "ignorance is bliss" holds true. Screw the greater good, I want to be happy. (Blue was "the story ends and I wake up in my bed the next morning, right?).

Mine: Biblical Apocalypse or Universal Overexpansion (not what you believe, what you'd prefer of course).
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