The Etp Model Has Been Empirically Confirmed

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And the other point is that the "moderator" called Bells should take some action against you for this blatant breach of site guidelines. And she would, if this were a proper science discussion forum. But it obviously isn't. She threw my thread into the pseudoscience section for no good reason.
Firstly, everyone knew what he meant.

Secondly, we aren't that pedantic.

Thirdly, your thread was thrown in the pseudoscience section to give you a chance to redeem yourself, before it was closed and sent to the Cesspool.

And she will likely let you get away with what you just did. That is how I know this site is just an astroturfing sham. The basic unfairness on display here is grotesque. This so called science discussion forum is just a cover for a shadowy (and highly incompetent) right-wing group that does boring, pro-business, feel-good, "Everything is Awesome" bullshit propaganda under the guise of science. What a transparent scam!
I won't even bother trying to guess where or how "astroturfing" comes into it, but when we get to the point where you pitching a hissy fit because someone said book or paper or vice versa, then it's pretty clear that your attempts to flame this thread cannot possibly get any worse.

And please, if you are so unhappy here, leave. There's no one forcing you to stay. Hell, I doubt there would be many who would even ask you to stay...

Welcome to the Cesspool. Enjoy your stay.
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