The Ancestor's Tale


It is very dry in here today
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I just bought this Richard Dawkin's book today. I'm working my way through the prologues right now. Has anybody read it? Worth reading or leave on table as conversation piece?:D
It's an incredible book, my favorite so far by Dawkins.

Sorry but I forgot to get back to you on the book. I agree, what a book. So many things I had never considered before or even knew were popping up consistently. Plenty of scientific terminology but still readable and understandable with a few well chosen digs at creationists.

A couple of my favorite parts included the Tasmanian people story & his take on our lack of hair. Loved reading about the axolotl, platypus, and the whales. It never dawned on me that whales gallop through the oceans instead of using the sideways fish motion(little things like that I find very interesting). Great book!
It is my favorite thing Richard Dawkins (one of my favorite authors in general) has written. It's a large and imposing book, but totally worth it if you are interested in evolution and biology! I couldn't put it down!
Oh, sweet. I just got the book and haven't had a chance to actually read it. Glad to know it was worth the price.