The ABC game

iqueme adj. agreeable, pleasing

Suggested use in a sentence:

Annie Git-Yer-Gun wasn't your average innocuous if not iqueme sort of soul in sequined silk chaps and steel-toed stilettos who hung around the popcorn, punch and palaver bowls at the Rocking Horse Saloon waiting for an invitation to a tiddlywink tournament.

Now how's about you hold up your end of the game, lol, instead of being concerned with the function of female anatomy? :D
Um. I'm trying to resist a 'holding up your end' joke...

Ahem, Iamtology: the study of remedies

An interesting and entertaining game, this thread should make a locupletative contribution to the vocabulary of those who read it. :D

This child is myrmecophagous.


the study of squirrels.
or its sub study:
the study of the inconsistency of squirrels..
tibialoconcupiscent - adj. having a lascivious interest in watching a women put on stockings.

Pantyhose may be far more practical for most applications but they do not have the same mystique about them at all.

I doubt that any of us on this forum could be accused of being the following, lol... :D



Noting or pertaining to a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise.
Stanley was being ultracrepidarian when he was bloviating on mountain climbing.

Synonyms: none.
worsification- n. the composition of bad poetry.

Well, I can bear witness that at least a few people I know (self included) have been guilty of the above. :D