Tai Chi or Basketball


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I have a conundrum. I am about to embark on a magical journey, in other words, I'm off to college soon. I have all my courses set out now but I'm having trouble choosing my enrichment course. I am definatly doing Web Design but I'm stuck between Tai Chi and Basketball.

I've always wanted to do Tai Chi but then again, I love playing Basketball.

Your views please ;)
I hated basketball at school, guys took it way to seriously. :rolleyes: I'd prefer a racket sport to a ball sport, so that said I'd go for Tai Chi.

btw, does anyone know what Tai Kwon Do (sp?) is, cos I might take that up at Uni. :confused:
Karate means 'open hand' so Tai Kwon Do is not like Karate. Its a good Martial Art to learn though (Tai Kwon Do I mean)