IAC, why don't the hyper mutts exist today? What caused them to go extinct?
"All the so-called species obviously selected from larger respective gene pools"

The hyper mutts, according to you had "larger respective gene pools." They had genes for webbed feet, locking ankle bones, etc.

Can you find me a species today which has a gene pool as large as the hyper mutts brought on Noah's ark? Probably not. Therefore, that "kind" is extinct.
Why would a "species" have a gene pool as large as the hyper mutts? That's oxymoronic.

Who's saying they did, besides you?

I'm asking why the hyper mutt species themselves are nowhere to be found. I mean, they lasted for 2,000 before the flood (otherwise Noah would have no hyper mutts to bring on board).
The ecology was essentially homogenous pre-Deluge, and there were no isolated breeding groups.

Oh yeah, by the way. If the ecology was so "homogenous" pre-Deluge, then why is it that we see literally thousands of different variations of dinosaurs and other extinct animals in the fossil record, which according to you lived pre-Deluge in a convenient "homogenous" environment in which the animals would have no reason to speciate?
"Thousands of variations of dinosaurs?"

Correct. Now, your response please?

Keep in mind, even if there were only 20 different variations of one family, or "kind," then your fairly tale "homogenous pre-Deluge environment" BS would be disproven (Which of course, there are many more than 20).
Well, if there was 300 variations say of the Hadrosaur "syngameon," then those 300 variations would be of the one Hadrosaur "syngameon," obviously.

But, that really wasn't the point there, Ice Man. The point, was that why would hundreds of variations of even one syngameon exist if the "ecology" or "environment" was so homogenous?
LOL. Yes, and you have claimed that the dinosaurs were fossilized by sediments in the flood. Therefore, in order to have gone through the flood, they must have lived right before the flood as well.

Wow, I feel like I am talking to a third grader. Get with the program, IAC, or get out.
You never said what a "variation" is, that's your problem.

A "variation" is a "species." That is what you said, and that is what I'm going by. According to you, all the "species" we see today are simply variations of their respective syngameons.

Let us look at the Ceratopsian "family" or "syngameon," as one example, to see the vast variations in syngameons (species) which we have found in the fossil record. Keep in mind, that fossilization is an extremely rare event, meaning that what we have found so far represents only a small percentage of the fossils in existence today, and of the amount of species which existed in the dinosaur age itself.

Infraorder Ceratopsia
Yinlong - (Xinjiang, western China)

Family Chaoyangsauridae
Xuanhuaceratops - (Hebei, China)
Chaoyangsaurus - (Liaoning, northeastern China)

Family Psittacosauridae
Psittacosaurus - (China & Mongolia)
Hongshanosaurus - (Liaoning, northeastern China)
Liaoceratops - (Liaoning, northeastern China)
Yamaceratops - (Mongolia)
Archaeoceratops - (Gansu, northwestern China)
Auroraceratops - (Gansu, northwestern China)

Family Leptoceratopsidae
Bainoceratops - (Mongolia)
Leptoceratops - (Alberta, Canada & Wyoming, USA)
Montanoceratops - (Montana, USA)
Prenoceratops - (Montana, USA)
Udanoceratops - (Mongolia)

Family Protoceratopsidae
Graciliceratops - (Mongolia)
Bagaceratops - (Mongolia)
Breviceratops - (Mongolia)
Lamaceratops - (Mongolia)
Magnirostris - (Inner Mongolia, China)
Platyceratops - (Mongolia)
Protoceratops - (Mongolia)

Superfamily Ceratopsoidea
Zuniceratops - (New Mexico, USA)
Let me define these terms, and you tell me if you agree:

Syngameon - A group of animals which can mate and produce fertile offspring

Species - Variations of a syngameon
So all of these species (variations of their respective sygameons) developed during the Pre-Deluge era, which you claim to have been homogenous.

Okay, thank you. By the lack of response, we all now know (as we have before) that in fact all those variations couldn't have developed in such a homogenous environment. Consequently, the environment COULD NOT have been homogenous, therefore Noah had no hyper mutts (animals with large gene pools) to bring on the ark, since none existed 2,000 years later by the time of the flood.