Superstring - Please Respond

i figured out why this conte guy made an appearance here

Conversation Between countezero and superstring01

i guess it would be hilarious if it was not so retarted

fly away, hype
fly for your life!

Care to share how you hacked my PMs fuck tard?

I cry a big foul on this. Big foul...

LOL ...... countezero ...... I suggest you delete your messages and learn how to PM ........... that goes for String too .......

Even though String mentions kiddie porn rings and what not , then it is clearly just a harmless joke ........ I think .....;)

Anyway, I am always amazed about how much whining there is on this forum .... I am a member of several forums, but this one takes the prize !!!
Dude. Get a clue. I've been a moderator here for about two years. I know the difference between a publicly viewable message and a private one.

I fully intended my posts to be read anybody/everybody, otherwise I would have sent him a PM, email or just called his phone number.

Yes, I know you are one of the newer members here , String ......:p

Actually, it looks like you can´t PM mods anymore .... only visitors messages .....
You can still PM other members through the contact info section .....
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I have no idea how to use computers, so an apology to Gustav for my outburst is in order. Those, apparently, were public messages. My mistake.

Exactly, what point he was trying to make by bringing them up . . .

That, I don't know, and in that sense, I think it was a useless canard.
It was the most graceful canard I've seen fly in days. I'll attack anyone who shoots it. I hope it flies by again. But the Stormtroopers Conversation was even better. Thanks for the :D Geoff. It's a Best Of Sci thread