String Theory in a nutshell....


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I keep hearing about string theory. I am a high school sutdent and have a understandable knowledge of The Theories (special/general) of Relativity and would like to know more about this newer theory that "would drive einstein nuts". I figured I might as well ask the sci community so...Please help me expand my knowledge... and don't worry about getting complicated, I can take alot.
Thanks icube :Â)
What I don't understand about string theory is how, say, a proton could be made up of 3 quarks and a string at the same time. Are the quarks simply strings? But then a single string could not 'be' a proton right? Also, if the vibration of the string determines it's properties would it be possible to 'pluck' it a different way, instantly changing a quark into an electron and so on?

I think (badly I know) that you are right. The general idea is the current standard model is too ugly, 3 generations of quarks and anti-quarks alongside the leptons. This does not explain photons or gravitons. By assuming a simpler structure, a string, you can generate all the above by the strings vibational modes in numerous dimensions.