i was listening to the stereo the other night and wondered what would happen if i were to switch the electronics on the knobs so you could turn it up even louder. this led me to believe that there is some sort of flushing going on inside of the unit and causing the waves to create a disturbance in the spectrum analysis of my receiver.

i have decided to pinpoint the exact cause by taking a ruler and using it as a lever on the front door.

any suggestions?
With the increase in volume will come an increase in distortion. Amps are normally rated in RMS as to their capacity. Basically, it rates somewhere in the neighborhood of 3/4 of the capacity of the amp for sustained volume. The rest is for transients such as a fast spike of a hand clap.

You will most likely blow your amp outputs in the process but good luck.
i was thinking the same myself until i read an article about using a filter to drown out the sound when foam is not applicatble. this leads me to believe that recording on a DAT would result in analogous sound production when a noise gate is applied to the reciever.