Stem Cell Research


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The issue of stem cell research burst on the scientific scene in November of 1998 when researchers first reported the isolation of human embryonic stem (ES) cells. The discovery, made by Dr. James A. Thomson, a biologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, offers great promise for new ways of treating disease. ES cells, which are derived from four-day-old embryos, can theoretically differentiate into virtually any type of human cell, from blood cells to skin cells. Scientists hope to find ways of using these cells to repair damaged tissue.
The possibilities of this research seems to be a very possitive one indeed. Where, and, How far can this technology advance? Or, should this research be halted. ie/ for fear of unbalancing the human genomes and creating mutant and therefore hybrid offspring etc...
I say go for it! :D
Hell yea!!

I do Model United Nations, and countries like Holy See, and the rest of the Catholic countries try to vote against it!

I was very upset that they were trying to bring religion into the UN. Also, she busted in with the Bible in the conference, so I told her to keep her religious views to yourself, let the countries do what they deem fit.

We all have convictions, it is wrong to say your conviction is right over another's.

In the end, the immature teenagers (who were all catholics) voted against Stem Cell Research. The countries they were representing weren't even Catholic! But they were and they let their religious pride get in the sad...I researched quite a bit on Stem Cell and it's very very promising...and logically a good means of population a Catholic shoot me down for this...:p