Star Trek transporter: Possible?

Your opinion on Star Trek transporter.

  • Never thot it was possible & still do not.

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  • Thot is was possible, but have changed my mind.

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  • I believe it is possible, but very unlikely.

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  • I think it is likely to be invented & used.

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  • I expect it to be invented and used in the future.

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There was an article about this in Popular Science a few years ago(sorry, I can't remember the date). I don't think that it would be practical for somethnig as complex as a human, what happens when you move? Are you going to stop your heart while you teleport?

I believe it would be more practical to research using the quantum channel mentioned in the article as an instantaneous communications system.
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Sorry, no can do...I do not wish to expose my Avatar that reflects on the company....unless there is a damn good saving the planet....:D

Are you offering any?
Sounds like you're full of it.
Does this mythical company even exist?
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Sounds like you're full of it.
Does this mythical company even exist?

Some of us are in high school, and some of us finished college many moons ago and work for a living - in a company.
Are you implying I'm in high school? Because I'm in college.
Why the hell would you be secretive about the company you're working for?
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Are you implying I'm in high school? Because I'm in college.

You are....? You fooled me...

Why the hell would you be secretive about the company you're working for?

Why the hell not...any idiot would guess... it is because it is a company that keeps its activities in this area secret until made public.
The process of entanglement would be near impossible here, unless super quantum computers are capable of it, if there is such. 10^28 basically need another (10^28) * 2 atoms for entanglement to work...
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You are....? You fooled me...

Why the hell not...any idiot would guess... it is because it is a company that keeps its activities in this area secret until made public.
I'm not asking about your activities, I'm asking about the NAME of the company. And you seem to talk freely about it's activities anyway. What was that about a photon stabilizer or some such bull you mentioned in one post in another thread? Sounded like mindless technobabble. You said you did something with a photon generator to stabilize an antigravity field or something.
You still dont get it, do you? In USA, there is such a thing called NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) - that prevents people to even mention company names that they have consulted for in their resumes.

A lot of high technology will sound technobabble to people outside the field and to college students who think they know everything.
I don't think I know everything. I do know a lot, but no-one knows everything.
And I'm aware of the fact that technobabble sounds like valid science sometimes, but take a look at the post you made. (I found it):
Perhaps you can explain what the hell you mean by that? How would a photon generator balance the field?!

OK, so the company you work for gets hired by other companies for consulting? Then what's the name of the company you work under? Not the ones that're hiring you.
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Oh! that one. Where does it say anything about any company in that post?

I sometimes consult for Atos Origin Inc. ( They are one of the top European consulting companies. I also do the same for for DoD projects. Now, I am sure you can infer the rest.
So lemme get this straight. You get hired by consulting companies (freelance style) that get hired by other companies for consulting? sounds interesting.

You still haven't explained your post.

BTW, what does the "km" in your name stand for?
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BTW, what does the "km" in your name stand for?

Whatelse? "Knowledge Management"

I design KM systems for Fortune 500 companies.

So lemme get this straight. You get hired by consulting companies (freelance style) that get hired by other companies for consulting?

Sounds about right. Sometimes I consult directly to the smaller end client. The reason I have to go through several layers is because, Fortune 100 companies only use very large consulting companies to reduce the amount of vendors they have to deal with. Unfortunately, these large companies usually do not have enough experienced people on payroll all the time. So, they go out searching for people like us.

Sometimes the layer gets to 5 deep. A lot of middleman....I just got a job order from Germany which probably is going trough 2 layers. If I pass that to a friend, that will add 2 more layers. That is the name of the game, since the large corporations do not know how to search for independent consultants using Google. I found a papermill company that has their own contract group. I thought - boy they are smart trying to cut out the middleman. But when I saw the maximum rates they will pay, then I thought what a dumb company, at that rate they cannt even hire a janitor.

So is life....
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So what exactly is your area of expertise? "Knowledge Management" is a little fuzzy.
My area of expertise is "Complexity Management". There is a sub area called "Strategic Enterprise Management". You can read up on that at

For example, for government, it is designing a system, process and infrastructure that allows the case officers/agents to visualize associative information from the background process of data mining and intelligent software processing. This way, they can see the dots as well as connect the dots. While the technology is not a big deal, setting up the infrastructure and process is. There are too many databases with different database structures. Anyway, my job is architecting such systems that would work. It does utilize some bleeding edge technology (fresh off the research labs).

For business, it is setting up a structure that converts data to knowledge so that the CEO level people who do not understand computers can use it to make the right decisions - for increased agility, profitability, revenue and stakeholder value. For example, CBRL uses a small set of this technology (since Nov.1999). You can check their stock and how it is doing vs. others. One company called Stage stores passed the offer and went Chapter 11. So did Global Crossing.
It's certainly possible, but I don't think any human being would use it. Why?

Well, if you go into the transporter and get "transported", will you see the end of the journey? Or will it just be something that looks like you, and has your memories/personality? Or would it just transport your body, but it will have no consciousness?

I can't see it getting past goods & cargo.
For those that have not worked in Defense or Security areas there can be a culture shock. For those that dont know try this.

If you work for another place, bank or defense and design a security system, then you and that client will not want the world to know, in case some bad dude turns up and demands to pick your brains.

If you work on a system that stores sensitive info. (How to build a nuke ?) Again you do not want the world to know.

On the other hand, all you may have done is install MS-Office on the Receptionists PC, BUT again you may not be able to disclose as if you did then all the bad guys would have to do is find out who worked there and has not disclosed it.

So if you get to work in security conscious places, even if security is not your thing, suprisingly often you are not allowed to say which company you did work for.

More often outside these areas, you can not say what work you did ( NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement) even if you are allowed to name the company. This is so a business competitor cant get a head start.
That is correct allant. Here is another information that we normally get misinformed due to Hollywood. Take for example a security system of a diamond storage area. Such security system if done well, will not have a back door - that is you can not grab the designer to find out the weakness or back-door to bypass the security system. Because it is not there. If something goes wrong, you have to blow up for real and start all over.

x-mart in US has a system that very few people know how it is put together. I am sure they are highly paid to keep their mouth shut.

Anyway - back to the topic.

I still think, the transporter will happen soon but not the way people think - that is one will not be converted to energy and then matter....that is too much energy to handle.
transporter technology

a transporter would consist of 11 basic stages:

scanner (matrix analyser)
input buffer (holographic memory stage)
disassembler (molecular matrix to datawave converter)
analogue datawave processor (compressor)
output buffer
input buffer
analogue datawave processor (decompressor)
output buffer
assembler (datawave to molecular matrix converter)

the type of computer used for the processing is the key to it's success.

a digital computer is out of the question (these could never interpret the data accurately, and far too slow)

an ultrafast photonic analogue processor with holographic memory would be the only way.
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There is always more then one way to achieve a goal.

This article did not change my opinion, although, the description of the transporter in this article is hokey.

Do I belive that my Laptop can transport anything by analyzing its atomic structure and rebuilding it somewhere else... no... and thats not really transporting... that would be a matter duplicator or something...

Do I believe that there is enough we have not figgured out about the world and how to manipulate it that there is most likely a way to move something from point a to point b in a new and increadably fast way... sure!

This article made me imagine Eddison arguing for DC over AC by stating there would have to be a person flipping a switch 60 times a second for it to work... there are always better and more efficient ways of doing something... the trick is not letting your train of thought and creativity get stuck in the trenches of what exists now, and what people belive to be current limitations...

Tesla was an amazing man, who did amazing things because he was able to think far outside the boundries people tried to tell him existed.
Say we want to teleport a human being weighing 70 kilograms (about 150 pounds) or 70,000 grams. At 1.00E24 atoms for a few grams, estimate 10,000*1.000E24 or 1.000E28 atoms. At 100 instructions per atom, this is 1.000E30 instructions. Now how fast do you expect computers to get?
Surely there would be forms of data compression that could vastly decrease the amount of data required, especially since most of the human body's mass is made up of the same few hundred molecules that are simply used over and over again. About half a person's mass is simply water. Just replacing "put a hydrogen here, an oxygen here, and another hydrogen here" with "put a water molecule here" would seem to immediately decrease the total amount of data that had to be processed to transport a human by about 30%. There are only 20 common amino acids and the same few dozen phospholipids are used over and over.