SRK and Bollywood masala

The guys are definately not my type. But the music had a good beat; and the coordinated dancing and colorful sets & costumes are a feast for the eyes.

Are musicals big in India? The gay in me is really coming out here: but I think it a loss that they aren't so big here anymore.

You are my Soniya (western dance style)

Me no likey. Too western.

Eh... no likey either. Too vegas.

Also too western. I like the ethnic looking stuff.

This one was fun. I'll watch it again. Has a good beat!

Oh lord! Um... ah... this one was HORRIBLE! I kept thinking that it looked like a cheesey Japanese music video!

i was into indian movies in my early age because then my father bought a used VHS player and the seller threw in pirated copies of naseeb and pukar. amitabh bhachan became my childhood hero. later on we rent some of his other movies such as kaalia, inquilaab, coolie, andha kanoon etc.

i can still sing verses from the tracks from naseeb such as jon jani janardhan, zindagi, mere naseeb, chal mere bhai and rang jamake. i'll be very happy if i can watch that movie again.

first saw shah rukh in the movie kkhh. i don't watch movies that much now.
For inzomnia!

A fugly SRK!!



With wife, Gauri Khan

Oww.. Sam, yesterday I opened this thread but I haven't seen it in detail
as my mind caught with something else.

Thats for me? Thanx! But he looks so fugly!! :D

Btw, I never realize it before that he got the same eyes with my bf (I miss him much :bawl:).

Here is my bf, but I can't show you his full face here as I dont want girl
stalking him :p (I can send by PM if you really want to see him, hehe).


see his eyes resemblance with SRK's? hehe.... :p

Yeah, but I loved him even in Fauji (his first TV appearance) where he looked even more FUGLY <all caps>

More pics:

Looks like his dad, I think:


Old family pic of mom, dad and sis.

Typical Delhi style.

Even in his first appearance he show already some charm! :)

Some of his early profile:

High School : From St. Columbia High School In New Delhi.
College : Graduated from Hansraj College, & then Masters in Mass Communication from Jamiya Miliya Islamiya, New Delhi

Qualifications and Achievements:

*High school
*Masters; A Brilliant Student
*Sword of Honour to the most outstanding student
*The Ravi Subramani award
*The Sujit Memorial award
*He captained all teams in football, hockey, and cricket
*He was also good in dramatics
*Very good in hindi, Electronics, Biology
*He was a king in Electronics
*He still remembers the books he studied from.

So much for a movie star.. :)
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