sponatneous combustion...


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I heard about this, and i couldnt belive it.... how does it happen? I psoe i should go and read something on it..... meanwhile does anyone know?
pardon me


So pardon me while I burst into flames.

I was having a look in book and I saw a picture of a guy fried up above his knees. I said "man i can relate, cuz lately i've thinking of combusting..."

excuse me if thats wrong, i'm listening to a different song at the moment and this is hard to do!

Do a search on google. Personally, I believe it is possible for people to start on fire, but maybe not in the way that the term "spontaneous human combustion" implies. That sounds so violent! I'm sure it can (and has) happen(ed), but perhaps maybe not spontaneously. DUnno. Scary, i hope i'm safe.
There are multiple theories for such events, although they don't occur that often.

One is just down to chemistry and what chemicals the body produces through it's sweat glands.

Another is a bit more phsyical that utilises Parallel worlds in a multiworlds environment and is to do with the misalignment of quanta on multiple world layers. (This can cause the spike of quanta to cause an almost Radioactive effect from a multiworlds perception. although it's actually "Fusion")

An urban legend, it seems.

The physical possibilities of spontaneous human combustion are remote. Not only is the body mostly water, but aside from fat tissue and methane gas, there isn't much that burns readily in a human body. To cremate a human body requires enormous amounts of heat over a long period of time. To get a chemical reaction in a human body which would lead to ignition would require some doing. If the deceased had recently eaten an enormous amount of hay that was infested with bacteria, enough heat might be generated to ignite the hay, but not much besides the gut and intestines would probably burn. Or, if the deceased had been eating the newspaper and drunk some oil, and was left to rot for a couple of weeks in a well-heated room, his gut might ignite.

It is true that the ignition point of human fat is low, but to get the fire going would probably require an external source. Once ignited, however, some researchers think that a "wick effect" from the body's fat would burn hot enough in certain places to destroy even bones. To prove that a human being might burn like a candle, Dr. John de Haan of the California Criminalistic Institute wrapped a dead pig in a blanket, poured a small amount of gasoline on the blanket, and ignited it. Even the bones were destroyed after five hours of continuous burning. The fat content of a pig is very similar to the fat content of a human being. The damage to the pig, according to Dr. De Haan "is exactly the same as that from supposed spontaneous human combustion."

In their investigation of a number of SHC cases, Dr. Joe Nickell and Dr. John Fisher found that when the destruction of the body was minimal, the only significant fuel source was the individual's clothes, but where the destruction was considerable, additional fuel sources increased the combustion. Materials under the body help retain melted fat that flows from the body and serves to keep it burning.

So it seems that one can easily destroy a corpse by lighting it on fire, but not that humans are up and bursting into flames on a regular basis. ;)