Some UFO Stuff for Magic Realist

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I stumbled across this website, while reviewing a contribution from someone on another forum, and thought it might be right up Magic Realist's street:

Note the sensible-looking fellow in charge of the website. He is manifestly not part of the closed-minded scientific establishment and he seems to have lots of pictures of flying saucers. They cannot all be fakes (remember it is practically impossible to forge a photograph) , so there must be something to all this.

Why are we not being told the truth?
Always easier to ad hom a person rather than argue against their position. Are you familiar with the Forum rules against starting threads about posters?
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It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye..

How about we all act like adults and stop with the flaming and goading? Sounds like a good plan?

I looked through the OP and tried to find a talking point. There are none because the whole point of this thread is to flame. Not acceptable.
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