Since when is buffy an insulting term???

maybe just be a little more ban happy?if someone is being a cock...why not?

why do you consider him an insulting term, i love him, he's funny, lol
even if it was an insulting term, who will know, no one will notice it, in mater in fact, i never thoght that his an isulting term, i didnt even think about it, i just saw it here,
i don't think people will stay searching for what's insulting and what's not,
we have more things to do, and we have a life to live, not to hung around, in cartoons or whatever, and saying ,oh my god, that's soo insulting,
so, i don't think he's insulting,
as you can all see, he have cartoons on every thing
wait, you mean this rabet

or buffy
the vampire slayer
Boy aren't you the little stinker? :) I am sure the court reporters look forward to seeing you in the court room. lol

It's not like I do it for the fun of it. Gotta have a reason for the transcript read. I just think it's fun to see some court reporters go nuts in depositions when the need arises. Court reporters in the court room are usually pretty adept at what they do, so they don't really feel the pressure. :)