Sighting WA


I'm called crazy here and everywhere I will go a head and prove them right, lol.
I had a sighting years ago with a creature in the mountains of Washington a little past North Bend. It was on a private dirt road and a turn around, where we got out of a car to take a piss behind some trees.

Meeting up with two others in the location, when I came out of the trees they had parked their car, and walking up to talk to them I was the only one facing the woods and them facing me.
A tall man all in black walks towards us, he waves to me in a motion like a greeting, hi. When the head lights hit him, his skin or what ever he wore absorbed the light, and his eyes were large orange disc. He had no mouth or nose, and his height was a little over six feet tall. His eyes protruded out and looked fake like goggles, but they were not goggles, they were artificial eyes.

I looked up on the internet about these kinds of creatures and all that comes up is the Dover Demon and the Mannigeshi. Native Indians claim a race of people from long ago have been reported to steal and even turn over and murder their people. These creatures are mentioned though as being small, fleshy skin colored with no mouth or nose. They never heard of a robot and assume these are real creatures that absorb what they need through their skin.

What I had seen pointed out stepped behind trees when the others looked, and when they turned back around he stepped out and motioned for me to follow again behind the moon light. I went to follow and was stopped by my boyfriend. Our other friends jumped into their vehicle and asked us to follow them and following they raced clear to the other side of a mountain before stopping.
Clearly this was a visitation. I've looked an no reports of this kind of creature has been I.D. and trust me there are many pictures of beings people have reported encountering.