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Some people I know called all the way from California after talking just yesterday. They told me of a UFO sighting in Victorville or surrounding area where they live. Did anyone else out there see something unusual in the clear sky on 28 July. They are awaiting my response. Let me know. Thaks. "P"
As your information comes in, please keep us posted. I, for one, have come to the conclusion that sightings should be observed from sociological perspective as well. Remember, people used to see Leprechans, Devils, Witches, Angels, Goblins etc. A Tolkin-ist society. Well, we are profoundly more self-aware and technologically taking our baby steps, so, of course, we see things, that are more technologically-based.
Which is not to say, I don't believe in other life, personally I have had it with the Gov't coverup schemes, and the hucksters.
Think about this: If other life forms are visiting us and they are duped into contacting only the rich and powerful decision makers, then they aren't very smart.
Which, if thats' the case then they are no better or different than us just a decade or two ahead. I mean, the soft-drink industry, along with others, gradually lowered our drinking water standards to sell us bottled water. Do you really want someone with advanced technology teaming up with these people? Call me crazy, but what's next bottled air? Bottled stress, bottled etc etc?