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did u ever search the internet just putting few words in the search field and getting many results that didn't match your needs ?

i did a lot and get frustrtaed by results...

can you help me with some advices ?
sunflow, what you can try is "defining" what to search for..

for example, say you wanted ot find one piece yellow pajamas from ralph lauren.

try this in your search box

pajamas+one peice+yellow+ralph lauren

this will search for web pages that have all of these terms in common, and only show pages that have all of the search terms on it. Keep in mind that the more terms you add the less likely you are to find anything. (I'm told this is a boolean function)

now, if you are interested in finding, for example:

archie comic books for sale

all you need to do is put quotation marks at the beginning and end of the search string

"archie comic books for sale"

this will search for web pages with that EXACT phrase in them.

hope this helps

also, most search engines have advanced search not sure about webferret
you could use boolean operators or truncation to help define your search

-boolean (and,or,not)

clinton not monica



Boolean Operators can really help,also add thesee things,

for example:

i think GOOGLE gives the best of results on any kind of topic you can imagine...Altavista is also KOOL...

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