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I am beginning work on the next iteration of the sciforums UI. You can preview it by changing the style set in your preferences:

preferences > edit options > style set : sciforums2

The goal is a more streamlined, unobstrusive, and elegant interface. The core functionality is essentially the same, but it is wrapped in a nicer shell. In particular, the header is smaller. Also, colors are more subdued and are not distracting.

At some point, this will become the default theme for sciforums. However, at the moment this theme is not complete. In particular, the graphics used for buttons etc. will be modified.

Any comments would be appreciated.
User Interface

Hey, that's alright! I like it, I like it. The calendar touch is nice.
Things are moved around a little but nothing to cope with. This is one heck of an upgrade.

It took a couple of posts to notice... The spell checker is gone.
I didn't use it I must confess. (Guilty of using Word)
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oh yeah ..... like it alot.
much easier on the eyes
of coarse i dont ms the spell chequer either =>
(guilty of not using one at all)
private messages

just to let you know when i hit cancel on the pop-up for pm's it will not show the new message. it will only show new messages if i hit ok of if i go to private messages.

dont know if this is an issue for others ...
umm... isn't that the point?

If you hit cancel, you remain on the main page. You'll only be taken to the new message if you hit OK. I think this is the desired/intended behaviour.
yes cancel keeps me on the same browser , then switches me to my messages but does not show the new message it only shows ones i have read already. hitting ok opens another browser and shows both new messages and read messages

i may have worded this incorrectly the first time
Hhmmmmmmmmm. I noticed this also and I usually have to close and then reopen to get the message. It will give me notice that a message has arrived but when it gets there, there is no new message until it is reopened. (I never hit cancel as I always want to know whats happening with others)
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New features

I really like the change in the image format. Instead of having to open up an attachment to see the picture, you can now veiw it with the message. That is indeed more of what I'm used to. I did try to post two images earlier in a post and could only get one. I see the change and it means that two images can now be posted in the same message. Thanx for this improvement!

To see an example of this change go to: > Science > Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology > Names for the Dark
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