Sciforums price tag: $38,295

Nowadays there are forum softwares for free. I said less than 20K, it depends on when the software was written, but prices has been dropping...

Way less.
vBulletin is about 100 something a year. I think another 100 for a brand free version. Another hundred for a lifetime license.

So. 300 bucks tops.

Yup. Under 20k alright.
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A forum is only worth the sum of its contributors efforts. SciForum's members' contributions are worth way more than $38,000.00. Plazma knows this, perhaps that is why SF is not for sale?

the thing is that forums are growing like bacterias and specialization is the key. For almost every hobby/profession there is a forum now.

So Sci was maybe a big deal 5 years ago, but now it is just one of many, and honestly, nothing really special...
You quoted me saying for free. Since when $300 is way less than free???

I screwed up my quote. Fixed it while you were posting.
Look again.

300 bones is way less than 20 thousand bones.

Reminds me of an SNL sketch with Christopher Walken:

Census taker: So. How many people are living in your household?

Walken: Oh. I'm no good at guesstimating. I don't know... 80?

Census taker: 80?! That seems like a lot. Are you sure?

Walken: Well, let's see. There's me. There's my wife. ... We have some plants. Some candy bars...

Census taker: We don't count plants and candy bars, sir.

Walken: So two, then. I really overshot it with that 80 thing, huh?

Its a known fact that sciforums has only gained popularity because of a certain member whose user name is Rick :D


wanna do a quick synopsis of timeline?
youse zion of ephil and subculture fame, ja?
By the way, I just pulled that 20K out of my ass and it was more representative of prices 5+ years ago.

I think I mentioned this earlier, every website worths as much as someone is willing to pay for it. No way Facebook worths 2 billions, but that is the evaluation price based on what Microsoft paid for 10% ownership...

These companies with big pockets are way overpaying. Yahoo bought for 6 billions I think at the height of the dotcom bubble, and just type in and see where the website is today...
SF being worth 38k doesn't make sense.
If you make a comment on sf and then search for it on google, it will be there within 30 minutes.
Some people pay a fortune to get that ranking.
So your estimate of the value of SF would be....?

Again, it depends on how easy it is to replicate a site. Platforms are very easy to copy. Sometimes it is easier just to copy it instead of buying it. Usually buyers don't want to pay more than 5 times annual revenue or profit.
SF being worth 38k doesn't make sense.
If you make a comment on sf and then search for it on google, it will be there within 30 minutes.
Some people pay a fortune to get that ranking.

Why do you think there are so many automated bots out there created to spam forums like this. They attempt to get their merchandise noticed or their own sites boosted by it appearing in google. That's of course why one of the main objective of mods is to remove the spammers before they have a chance to get on the search engines from this forum.

Obviously we should really deal with the explicit use of language here too because otherwise the site gets filtered on search results. Now this might just seem a dig at certain users for the popularity of the site, however if they can't refrain from bad language then whatever they are attempting to talk about over the internet is Censored by Net Nanny programs and Search engines that are trying to Politically Correct.

So basically swear loads and get ignored, or actually have the chance of people discussing things with you by not overdoing it on the swear-o-meter.
(I know some of you have some wonderfully obscure profanities you might want to share with me over this, but there is a likelihood that you'll get ignored)