Science fair


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Okay guys I know this might not be the right place to post this but I know free thoughts is where anything counts and I want more than just scince.

So heres the thing, I'm looking for a project for science fair, its optional but I think it might be an interesting experience.

So I was thinking of doing something on anti-gravity or but I dont have a big enough power source, and then I was tthinking about doing something on testing EM fields on the moods of mice, but that wouldnt send me to then nationals. Superconducters are primitive and wont get me anywhere in life, plus anything outside the relm of my personal favourite quantum physics is either to expensive or too timly to take on. Teleportation for example would take me way too long and cost too much money

Maybe you guys know of something. I want to go to the nationals because they're being held in my city this year. I was looking for something frontier not the little baby superconducter crap.

Thanks for any advice.
How about growing beans in glass jars? That was always a sure-fire hit when I was in school. Or dry ice!
If you're still losing teeth put a tooth inside a soda cap and fill it with coke or something. Wait a day or two and then put it under the microscope. You should have a microscopic civilization thriving almost immediately.

Courtesy-The Simpsons.